16 Reasons Why Home Tuition Works

Home tuition in simple terms is the kind of tuition that occurs at home.

Home Tuition

In most cases the tuition relates to an academic subject, a skill improvement or test preparation.

The best gift any parent can give a child is a good education.

Because of this, many parents make every effort to ensure that their children get the right tuition at the right place and time.

Teaching in schools alone has become insufficient for kids to get higher grades.

Because of this, more and more parents are now giving extra learning support at home in the form of home tuition.

Records have shown that, the number of parents searching for home tutors is on a constant rise in recent years.

This has led many to wonder why home tuition works.

In this lesson, we will be looking at the top most 16 reasons why home tuition works.

Before we proceed though, let’s look at the types of home tuition.


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Types Of Home Tuition

There are two main types of home tuition.

  1. In-home tuition
  1. Online home tuition

In-Home Tuition

In-home tuition is also known as in-person tutoring, where a tutor meet with a student one – on – one in person for tuition.

With in-home tuition, lessons are carried out in the comfort of your home and students can have one to one direct conversation with the tutor without any fear or hesitation.

In-home tuition have become one of the best ways that enable students to get higher grades in difficult subjects like physics, mathematics and sciences.

This is possible because the students get private one-to-one attention from a home tutor.

Home tutors can realise easily the weak subjects of a student and help him to quickly correct them thereby improving the student grades at school.

In-home tuition is also a platform for students to raise questions and doubts without any resilience which also enhances the curiosity of the learner’s mind.


Online Home Tuition

In this age of digitization, education has also become digitized.

In the sense that any student can sit at home with a laptop or mobile phone and learns anything in any subject with the help of whiteboard, Skype, Google hangout, whatsapp, webcam and other modern tools.

Online tuition have also proven to be an affordable option when compared with in-home tuition or even traditional tuition centers.

With online tuition, lessons can be done in a more convenient and comfortable way as one can learn anywhere by himself.

Moreover, the student can choose a comfortable time to study without any distractions.



Why Home Tuition Works

More and more students who have chosen home tuition are getting better grades in school.


Let take a look at few reasons why this is so:


  1. Personalize attention

In school, many classes consist of group of students.

This makes it difficult for teachers to provide individualized attention to students at all time.  

This often results in the students feeling neglected especially if they need some extra help.  

A private tutor is like having a teacher who doesn’t have to worry about all of the other kids in the class.

They will be available to answer questions at any time and go through topics as many times as it takes for your child to fully understand the curriculum.

In addition private tutors will also get to know your child’s individual learning style and modify teaching methods based on that.


  1. Work at specific pace

One of the biggest benefits of having a private tutor is that the tutor will work at the pace that is right for the student. 

Many times lesson plans that take place in the classroom are time sensitive and fast moving.

A private tutor can teach the lesson a little slower and the student will be able to ask as many questions as they need to without being in a high pressure environment.


  1. Customized lessons

One of the biggest advantages of home tuition is that lessons can easily be customized to suit individual student.

Whereas in school a student may be at a disadvantage.

For instance, maybe a student will work at a different pace to the rest of the class, or may need to focus more attention on a specific aspect of a course;

And that is where home tuition largely comes in to solve the problem.

Students will benefit from the fact that a tutor can customize a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the learner.

This result in improve learning efficiency.

This is an especially important point to note for any students that have learning disorders, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

A good tutor will be able to take this into account and be a great benefit to the student.


  1. Choice For Tutor

Students learn freely and communicate well with a tutor who suits them.

In terms of temperament and teaching style, every tutor is different.

Unlike school, where students generally have very little, if any, choice in regards to who their teachers are, opting for private tutor does allow the student or their parents to pick a tutor that they feel comfortable with.

As there is such a wide range of tutors available, each with their own strengths, specialties and learning styles, there bound to be a tutor that is well suited to each and every student.

Finding the right tutor, that can engage and inspire, can really make a big difference for the learner.


  1. Boost confidence

Tutors and students are able to work much more closely and develop stronger relationships than would otherwise be possible in a larger class.

The impact that this can have on a student is insightful,

Tutors will be able to get to know their students better, and so will find it easier to spot potential problems and give them assistance.

For shy students, being in a learning environment with fewer people can also help them to express themselves, as they are under less pressure from their peers.


  1. Test Preparation And Homework Assistance

We all know that no student likes to do homework.

Because as one student said ‘We study enough in the school that we do not need to study anymore at home’

Yes don’t be surprise!.

But a tutor who is able to keep the student focused and interested will ensure that the homework is not only completed to a higher standard but, more importantly, is more effective in terms of what a student is able to gain from it.

Similarly, tutors can be especially effective with regards to test preparation.

The advice and assistance that they can provide ranges from the structuring of revision, to troubleshooting weak points in the student’s knowledge.

In cases like this, a teacher’s help can prove invaluable and that’s why home tuition becomes very essential for most of the students.


7. More Interesting Materials

School lessons can often be quite rigid.

They often have very set goals and a strong reliance on text books.

Home tuition on the other hand usually has a less formal approach.

Tutors are thus free to use whichever materials they deem most useful. 

A student can now have access to materials that they would often not encounter in school. 

These adaptations can be a great help, as they prevent students from becoming bored whilst at the same time pushing their boundaries and providing them with a new challenge.


  1. More Flexible And Convenient

Home tuition is more flexible and convenient. 

Tutors will often be able to come to you verse you going to them.

This flexibility really help both students and parents in all forms.

Organising a suitable timetable is also easily achievable, allowing sessions to be structured around school or other extra-curricular activities. 

With the rise and growth of online tutoring, this has become even easier, allowing lessons to occur where and when you want.


  1. Saves Effort And Time

It is great for parents to be actively involved with their children’s learning, but unfortunately this is always not a practical option. 

Busy schedules for most working parents can limit the time they are able to spend each week helping out with homework. 

In addition, as children become older and their studies become more advanced, parents may not always be able to provide suitable assistance. 

In both these cases, having a home tutor who has both the time and skills necessary can be a great help, benefiting both students and parents alike.


  1. Learns Ahead Of School

Home tuition gives students the opportunity to learn a subject or concept before it is discussed in school.

In this process, the school or classroom can aid students revising their subjects, and infuse confidence in them.

With this model of home tutoring, learning any subject becomes quite easy.

Students can quickly gain command over their subject which will also increase their efficiency.

The main advantage of this method is that it creates a better image of the student within his circle and among the teachers because he is already updated with all their homework.


  1. Learn From The Best

A lot of home tuition agency or private tuition agencies can be consulted with a tutor specification.

This is crucial because only an excellent instructor can understand the student’s needs and offer proper guidance.

Tutors are filtered out according to the Experience, Skills, Knowledge as per the student requires, and then they are matched.

Since you have the right to choose a tutor per requirement, you can learn from the best.

This is something you cannot get at school.


  1. Parents Involvement

Home tuition provides the parents with the opportunity to discuss a child’s progress, keep track of performance, and ask for recommendations for improvement.

Parents also can check whether their child has completed the assigned homework.

The parents will be informed about each and every activity of their child.


13,  Explore New Learning Style

The students are able to explore new learning style and they are able to change the way they study in the classroom.

Home tuition will help them build confidence and hence speed up their learning process.

This is very important for student to discover the most effective way for learning so that they are able to excel in their studies and career in life.


14. Improved Upon Weakest Subjects

Sometimes the student is afraid of one subject or maybe even more.

With the help of home tuition, he is able to concentrate more on that subject.

Home tuition will also give the students an opportunity to practice more and more.

With this constant tries and practice, the student is able to improve upon his/her weakest areas.


  1. Builds Personalized Relationship

Home tuition offers the students with the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas with the tutor.

This makes them feel closer to the tutor.

Hence, they can tell them about their weaker subjects and fears they face.

Something that may not be possible in a regular class room setting.

And this is what helps both student and tutor to work towards improving grades from home.

Home tuition is a key that opens communication channel for both tutors and students.



Better Monitoring System

Parents and home tuition tutors are able to assess a child’s growth and personality development.

They are also able to monitor the child’s performance to know areas where he lags behind.

A home tutor will better understand the child’s potential and his ability to learn so that he can easily examine and provide regular feedback on his work.

For more information on home tuition and how it can be helpful to yourself or your child, please check these resources:




In today’s world where competition is everywhere, in every sector, every industry and at every level, home tuition has become the surest way-out for students all over the world.

In this lesson, we have talked about what is home tuition, the types of home tuition and 16 reasons why home tuition works.

What is your take?

What other reason can you think of that is helping home tuition to work?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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