5 Important Tips to Solve Math Problems

This is a guest contribution by Kattie Myra  from www.vnaya.com.

Math is a subject that has extreme feelings of students associated with it. Either there are students who love mathematics a lot or there are some who completely hate it, especially when they try again and again but they don’t achieve victory in solving a math problem. Whether you love it or hate it, math is a subject that you can’t avoid. So it is better to make peace with this subject.

There can be times when you spend hours studying math but get stuck with some problems that don’t solve in the first attempt, making you frustrated. Instead of letting it go, here we suggest some important tips that will be your savior whenever you work on solving mathematics problems.


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  1. Make your habit to practice

We all have heard the phrase ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, and the same applies to math too. Mathematics is not a subject in which you can get efficient just by listening to the lectures or reading the solutions. It requires practice, lots of practice on a regular basis. Make it your daily habit to practice math questions in order to maintain the flow of the study. The more you practice, the more will be the chances to get better slowly and steadily. You attend the lecture on math problems and formulae at school, come home and find time to practice on it. This is how you will be able to improve your math skills and you will tackle any math problem efficiently.

  1. Find your errors and understand it

If you are not able to solve a problem, there is definitely an error that you made at any step. Go back to each step and find it. After discovering the error, try to understand why the method you used was not feasible and review it in a way that you never end up repeating the same mistake again. If you are not able to discover the error yourself, always put your step forward to discuss the problem with your peers and teachers. After all, there’s always a great scope of learning from others.

  1. Understand the logic first

If you want to improve your math skills and don’t want to face any problem solving the questions, always follow a sequential process. The first thing you need to do is to get clear with the basic concepts and logic and then reach to solving the complex problem. If you have the knowledge about how the formula can be applied, you will be efficient in solving the math problem. You can’t always keep striving to memorize the formulae and processes involved in mathematics, even if you can for a few, you can’t do it for hundreds of formulae and problems. It is always a better approach to consider understanding the logic behind the process and then work on solving the problem.

  1. Create a peaceful study environment

Mathematics is a subject that requires proper concentration to work on. It is not something that you can do while watching T.V. or doing other things side by side. This is why it is important for you to devote proper time to solving math problems and maintain a peaceful study environment that can help you to focus. To solve a complex math problem, it is necessary to stay attentive in your study and have a relaxing atmosphere that helps in stimulating the flow of information. You can even have peaceful background music to foster the environment allowing you to have maximum concentration; and surely the heavy metal and rock music do not apply here.


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  1. Always get your doubts cleared before trying

There can be times when you don’t understand the concepts of math in one go and there’s nothing wrong with that. The good approach here is to get the doubts cleared by discussing it with your teacher. It is always considered essential to get the concept clear and then begin with problem-solving. By doing so, there will be lesser chances of facing any issue in solving complex math problems.

If you are having a tough time with math and facing difficulty in solving the complex problems, consider applying these tips in your study regime. Math can be difficult but when you know the concepts and logic behind any problem, you will begin to see math problem solving as fun.


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