6 Best WASSCE Remedial Schools In Ghana

Remedial schools are the type of schools that provide compensatory teaching to help learners attain expected competencies in specific academic subjects.


Remedial Schools


In Ghana there are so many remedial schools spread over the country.


These remedial schools are used to address the gaps in many major academic subjects.


Over the years, the statistics has shown that most Senior Higher School graduates hardly meet the minimum entry requirements set for admission at the various universities in Ghana.


Remedial schools came into the picture as an attempt to help solve this unfortunate situation.


They help prepare students to take WASSCE and BECE examinations again in expectation of better grades.


Tuition in most remedial schools does not occur in the regular classroom environment, but in a different setting.


Unlike special education which is designed specifically for students with special needs, remedial classes can be designed for any students, with or without special needs.



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Remedial schools are for students who have average or higher intellectual abilities but who are not performing well in school.


Typically, remedial students are not struggling because of their intellectual abilities but instead because they are struggling with one subject area like reading, writing or mathematics.


Remedial programs are designed to help give the students the individual attention that they need to build their skills and their confidence so that they can live up to their potential.


Remedial programs that offer students special one-on-one attention are much more in demand.


Many students today find it difficult to sit down and stay focused in class because the delivery of traditional lectures does not grasp the attention of all learning types.



Below are examples of top remedial schools in Ghana.




The WASSCE Remedial unit of Supreme International College is the best WASSCE Remedial School in Accra, Ghana with proven track record of up to 97.3% pass rate over the past years and has been ranked No. 1 among the Top 10 WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana.


Enrolling with supreme, means you can be assured of the highest quality of education and a better grade.


Therefore,   If you are looking for NOT just a school offering WASSCE remedial classes BUT a reputable, registered, and the Best WASSCE Remedial School in Accra, Ghana offering quality education with a track record of excellent grades NOT just a passes or credits then, the place for you is Supreme International College.


Visit Supreme International College at




The Wesleyan Mission Society arrived in Ghana in 1835. Since then, the Methodist Church has been involved in the provision and development of high quality education at the basic, senior secondary and teacher training levels.


The role of Churches, including the Methodist Church, in providing basic, secondary and teacher education was reduced in 1961 under the then educational reform programme.


The Government decided to be responsible for running the mission schools and training colleges.


It also established many secondary schools and training colleges.


Despite the existence of these institutions, considerable concern has been expressed about the inadequacy of the institutional facilities in the universities to cater for qualified candidates to avail themselves of the opportunity for tertiary education.


The Methodist Church Ghana was convinced that with her unique record and experience in the provision of education at the basic, secondary and teacher education levels, it could make a contribution to the solution of the problems of offering education at all levels.


The Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG) was granted accreditation by the National Accreditation Board in August 2000. Its application for affiliation to the University of Ghana was approved in October 2002.


MUCG also has a program for remedial students who want to better their grades.


Visit Remedial School – Methodist University College Ghana at




Catholic University College used to run Full-time, Night and Weekend schedules.


However, currently the University College runs programmes on regular and weekend basis.


The majority of the students are Ghanaians with Brong-Ahafo leading the regional balance with over 1000 students.


Predominantly Catholics by faith, there are other religious denominations including Pentecostal, charismatics, orthodox and Muslim students. CUCG has international students from Nigeria, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Burkina Faso, Liberia, etc. pursing degree programmes in Five Faculties with variety of programme options available.


This Remedial Programme is designed to enable prospective applicants, who did not obtain the required grades at the SSSCE/WASSCE, to improve on their grades.


It is to give students the opportunity to adequately prepare and re-sit their respective papers in the “NOV/DEC” Examinations.


The duration for this programme is from March — August every year.


Subjects including: Core Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Government, Economics, Financial Accounting and Costing.


Affordable accommodation on campus is available for interested applicants.


Visit Catholic University College at




APC is the acronym for Advanced Professional College, as it provides the link between the academia and the industry through testing services and preparation of people to sit professional examinations.


APC is a charitable organization registered in the Republic of Ghana.


APC boasts excellence in the inter-related areas:


Professional & Educational Testing Services

Tutoring of students for professional examinations

Skills development & professional mentoring

Organization of professional events

Consulting & corporate training

Training of trainers

Other areas related to the above


Visit Advanced Professional College at




Ascent College was established in August 2011 in Adabraka Accra.


It was conceived as an idea by Francis Kwarteng Crentsil, who strongly felt the paucity of good schools in the WASSCE remedial sector and from this strong conviction, the embryo of the school was formed.


The school had a very humble beginning and the lack of finances and facilities were made up by the sheer dedication of its teachers and the founding trustees.


These people endured and overcame the status quo just as the embodiment of the spirit of the institution.


The school from then grew rapidly into a school that can boast of being one of the best learning centers in Accra. The School brings on board all modern tools and practices to maximize student appeal to academics.


The school also has a tutorial body that has a very deep knowledge and insight of curriculum requirements and all that matters to enhance student excellence.


All tutors of the School are graduates from top Universities in Ghana with over 5-year experience, faculty and dynamism that make the teaching process strategically driven to student’s maximum comprehension.


The Administration, highly qualified teachers, and staff work together to enforce a unified curriculum that consists of challenging and diverse programs with emphasis on meeting the needs of individual students.


Ascent College stimulate and empower students to learn and breakthrough by making the academic processes interesting.


Presently it has over 400 students per year.


It currently has two main branches located at Dansoman and Adabraka in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.


The school runs mornings and evening remedial programmes in WASSCE private exams.


The School also runs evening classes in English Language Proficiency and Adult Education.









Dasein Practical School runs programmes organised in two (2), sessions, that is, morning sessions and evening sessions,


These programmes are intended to help S.H.S graduates who could not perform well in the final examination.


The School has qualified teachers who are ready to help students to improve upon their grades to enable them pursue the programme of their choice in the tertiary institution, to finally pursue their future careers.


Sometimes, students fail their exams not because they refused to learn but due to wrong choice of programmes.


Dasein Practical School has career and academic counsellors who assist students in their field of work and the type of course to undertake to help them pursue their future careers.







HIS MAJESTY ACADEMY offers a wide range of courses in an environment students have described as friendly, welcoming and conducive for Academics.


The school is particularly proud of the records of being a center for Academic excellence, and records of the past students / graduates getting admissions into other tertiary institutions to pursue degree programs soon after completing their courses.


His Majesty Academy was established in August 1998 as a private school to run extra classes for J.S.S. 3 Graduates, waiting to enter into Senior Secondary School, with five (5) students and seven (7) teachers. The aim was to build a solid foundation for these young ones as they prepare to meet the challenges of the secondary Program.


In 1999, the school organized S.S.S vacation Classes to further prepare, monitor and train its students and other new students at the secondary school level.


Considering the challenges most S.S.S. Graduates encounter to gain admission into the University, the Institution decided to further train and prepare students with poor results for the November/December exams to enable them meet admission requirements of various Tertiary Institutions hence, the need of helping students to fulfill their dreams as far as their academics is concerned.


In view of this, in the year 2000, the school started operating as a Remedial Centre for Senior High Graduates.


So far the school has trained and prepared over fifteen thousand (15000) candidates most of whom have gained admissions into various Tertiary Institutions in Ghana and Overseas.


Most of the past students from His Majesty Academy are gainfully employed in various organizations notably among them are Bankers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Lecturers, Accountant and many more.


In addition, His Majesty started a Computer Training School in April 2002.


Currently His Majesty Senior High has obtained recognition from the West African Examination Council to run the May/June WASSCE exams for all final year students.


His Majesty Senior High was the only private school selected to participate in Ghana’s 56th Independence Anniversary celebration and emerged as the 1st runners-up in the inter-schools’ march pass parade.


Visit His Majesty Senior High at




Mattest College is a private educational institution registered in 2015 as a remedial school, with 77 students and 10 teachers and later was approved by GES in 2017.


The school is now growing extremely well and will spread across the whole country soon.


The creation of an institution like Mattest College was necessitated by the weak performance in the Senior High School system that led to the mass failure of students at the WASSCE.


Mattest believe that every student has a seed of genius inherent in them which only requires a serene environment and guidance to flourish, Mattest College was launched onto Ghana’s educational landscape to offer an alternative to the mainstream education.


Presently, apart from the remedial section, Mattest College has established a Senior High School, located at Iron City behind Gallilea Market after Olam Depot.


Mattest also run Pre SHS classes, Vacation classes, Adult Education or Proficiency and Counseling Services.


Mattest College has become a popular name in Kasoa and its environs and beyond because of our system of dealing with the educational demands of our times.


The school has modern facilities coupled with a highly serene environment and well-furnished library, computer laboratory and among others.


The success story of Mattest College will continue to be imprinted on Ghana’s education.


Recent results are unprecedented and unchallengeable. Mattest College is still setting the pace for others to follow.


This is partly the reason students are trooping to enroll with us.


Mattest Remedial School is full-time with flexible schedules for workers. Tutorials are organized to consolidate all lectures.


Visit Mattest at



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Ideal College is a registered private educational institution under GES.


Starting in 2002 as a remedial school, with 50 students and 6 teachers, the school now has about two thousand students spread across our five campuses.


The creation of an institution like Ideal College was necessitated by the inefficiencies in the secondary school system that led to the mass failure of students at the SSSCE.


Driven by the desire to help students excel, Ideal College launched onto Ghana’s educational landscape to offer an alternative to the mainstream education.


Presently, apart from the remedial section, Ideal College has established a Senior High School, located at Legon in Accra.


We also run pre SHS, Vacation classes, International Programmes like SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, University Mature Entrance Exam, Language Proficiency and Counseling Services.


Ideal College has since become a household name in Ghana and beyond because of the system of dealing with the educational needs of contemporary times.


Visit Ideal College at





Stream Street College is a WASSCE remedial school in Ghana that is focused on achieving educational excellence and providing moral leadership to students.


The aim of Stream Street is to put integrity back into remedial schools and here you can find the information you may require to make the right decision about which college to choose for your WASSCE remedial classes.

Whether you are a parent or guardian, or looking for a remedial school for yourself, making the right choice now will have an impact on the rest of your life, or that of your ward’s.


Remember that the school that you choose to attend today can be the difference between examination success and a high flying career path or examination failure and a wasted opportunity.


At Stream Street College we do not only teach our students how to succeed in their WASSCE exams with excellent grades.  We provide moral and spiritual support helping them in achieving their dreams.


Visit Stream Street College at





Elite College was established in October 2005

This institute is located at Ayeduase Opposite the chief’s palace near KNUST Kumasi.

The institute currently has the following campuses:

(a)Assin Fosu


(c)Agona Swedru


The mission of Elite College is to bring out graduates with high class secondary education, trained under sound religious and moral values, ready to enter any tertiary institution in the country.


Visit Elite College at




Hope & Joy Remedial educational institution was established in the year 2012 with a few numbers of students and teachers.


Its main goal is to restore the hope of students who have failed in their WASSCE education by providing high class secondary education teaching with GES syllabus and a serene environment that will help student to fill comfortable to learn.


Over the years, Hope and Joy was necessitated by the inefficiencies in the secondary school system that led to the mass failure of students at the SSSCE or WASSCE EXAMS.


It is located in the premises of GRACIE JHS SCHOOL at Apenkwa – Tesano.


Hope and Joy Remedial School have serene environment, discipline in classrooms and smaller class size which makes teaching and learning effective and less stressful.


Visit Hope and Joy Remedial School at






Remedial schools are intended to help students to improve their performance in specific areas they are struggling with.


What remedial school do you know that is not mention here?


Leave your answer in the comment space below.


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