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Excellent Home Classes is the most trusted home tutoring service in Ghana.

We provide an effective, efficient and excellent in-home tutoring services all over Ghana and online tutoring services all over the world according to the requirements.

Our database consists of thousands of professional tutors from diverse backgrounds (Medical, Engineering, Business, Art, Languages, etc.)

With just a phone call or an email, a competent tutor will be at your home either in-person or online to take care of your tuition needs.

What People Say

Tutor allotted to us was very flexible and able to adjust to our schedule and gave the extra classes on her own.

Cynthia Adei

This site was easy to use.

You would get tutors to suit your child’s particular needs. The fee is moderate.

N. Donkorh

With each regular session, my daughter becomes more cooperative and actively receptive.

Ms. Anan

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