Are You Looking For A Chemistry Tutor?

Chemistry tutor is a that person who gives one to one instruction to student’s by helping them learn more about a specific chemistry topic that they’re finding difficulty with understanding.


Chemistry tutoring offers the chance to work directly with an expert instructor.


Having a personal chemistry tutor eliminates the need to interrupt class or wait after class for so long a time, just to ask one question.


Your tutor is available to answer questions you may have about chemistry equations, definitions, reactions, and more.


A chemistry tutor may at times work with an individual or a group of students as well.


In most part of the world, students take chemistry in high school. This science requirement teaches students basic chemical reactions.


An understanding of both mathematical and scientific principles is required to be successful in chemistry.


Some students struggle with their chemistry classes.


Understanding chemical equations, doing chemistry labs, and completing the other coursework may be difficult. Despite their difficulty, students may need to pass the course to get credits required to graduate high school.


Students who are struggling in chemistry may either hire a chemistry tutor or be provided with a chemistry tutor by the school.


If a student elects to hire a private tutor, the chemistry tutor receives financial compensation from the student, or perhaps more commonly, from the student’s parents.


If the school provides the tutor, commonly the tutor works on a volunteer basis as part of his community service to the school.



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Organic chemistry tutor

If you want to stay on top of your chemistry class, then private tutoring, especially for a subject like organic chemistry is usually a must.


Unlike your student filled classroom, a private tutoring session will allow you to ask the specific questions that are giving you a difficult time. The session runs at your own pace, and covers the material that you need answered. We can talk through the concepts to strengthen your foundation, dissect mechanisms to ensure you understand why each step happens, and work through your difficult homework assignments or practice exams




Chemistry tutor online

There are a lot of websites which provides free chemistry courses primarily to high school students as well as college students in their first year of college education.


The courses on these websites are created and provided online by qualified and experienced chemistry tutors whose passion for the teaching of chemistry, and for all students to have free access to quality tutorials, is second to known.


These are specially designed courses to help you gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of chemistry and prepare you adequately for high school chemistry examinations and tests.


Every aspect of each topic is brought out, explained, and all relevant points highlighted. The language is flowing and easy to comprehend.


You will be able to have a deeper understand and appreciation of the relationship between Chemistry and other disciplines; the basic principles governing scientific methods; the interpretation of scientific methods; and the application of the knowledge of chemistry in industry and daily activities of man.



High school chemistry tuition

Free online high school chemistry help gives teens instant access to study guides, tools, tutors, and teachers so you can complete your assignment ASAP. When you know where to find the best homework help online, you won’t have to wait for your teacher to be available for questions.



Check out the available resources below and choose the one that offers an immediate help for your specific need.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers free subject-specific tutorials on a wide variety of chemistry topics. Just click on the topic you need help with and choose from several lessons that will pop up in a new window. Sometimes the information is presented in text with images and sometimes it is presented in a video.

Click here and check their website out.




Sometimes you just need a super simple explanation of a complex topic to understand it. If you’re stuck on a homework question that deals with matter, atoms, the periodic table, elements, reactions, or biochemistry, Chem4Kids can help with a simple walk-through of the topic.

Click here and check their website out.




How Do I Solve It?

Presented by Purdue University, the How Do I Solve It? chemistry help page covers the topics chemical equilibrium, kinetics, solutions, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and thermodynamics. On the site you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on things like how to make an ICE chart or determining molar mass. Explanations always include an example that would be similar to what you’d find on your homework.

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Get Chemistry Help

Follow along with Dr. Kent as he explains basic high school and introductory college chemistry topics through videos on Choose the topic you need help with, then click on the “practice problems” section to watch Dr. Kent walk you through how to answer a problem. You can even use the online form under the “Contact” tab to send him a question.

Click here and check their website out.




The Cavalcade o’ Chemistry

Mr. Guch offers a humorous approach to a weighty subject. This site includes a chemistry dictionary and fun explanations of chemistry topics from graphing to polarity. If you need a quick and painless site to run through the explanation of a topic, this is the right place to go. Subject tutorials include explanations and diagrams.

Click here and check their website out.




Socratic Chemistry Help

Featuring both website help and app support, Socratic is a free homework helper with assistance in a variety of high school subjects including chemistry. On the Socratic website in the chemistry section you’ll find tutorials broken down by topic. Each specific topic features text and images as part of the explanation. On the free Socratic app you can take a photo of your homework question and get instant results powered by Artificial Intelligence including walk-throughs of how to answer the homework question.

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Organic chemistry tutor YouTube

On YouTube, you can find an organic chemistry tutor channel which focuses on providing tutorial videos on varieties of topic, including organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus.

Check it out here.




Chemistry Project Help Online

If you need to complete a chemistry project, or write a science paper, then consider the following websites. Just be sure to ask an adult before starting any chemistry experiment.



  • Info Please is a website with all the answers. It boasts a great virtual chemistry lab, which can help you understand how certain reactions actually work. It includes a glossary of common terms and ideas for your next chemistry project.

Click here and check their website out.



  • All Science Fair Projects contains over 500 ideas for your next science fair project, including chemistry experiments that may have you wondering exactly some projects can be completed. Take on what looks fun and new to you.

Click here and check their website out.



  • Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab is a cool place to learn about chemistry and get ideas for your next chemistry project or experiment. It’s a light-hearted place to play around and find inspiration, and it welcomes you and your younger siblings. Don’t forget your goggles!

Click here and check their website out.



  • Homeschooling Chemistry offers loads of cool chemistry experiments, virtual software, games, and lesson plans. As you look through the many features of this website, you may find that some of its pages inspire the sort of chemistry project that you want to work on.

Click here and check their website out.




Why Study Chemistry?

Many students who enter college are skeptical of studying courses unrelated to their major. They have decided on a specific track and do not want to get distracted.


The study of chemistry helps us to understand our world better and to make the right decisions in almost all our daily activities.


When you are cooking, you are actually carrying out a chemical reaction. The ingredients are mixed up in certain proportions and cooked together to produce the tasty food. Your understanding of the chemical composition and properties of the ingredients will definitely make you a better cook. In fact, this is the reason you will have to take chemistry courses if you are studying to be a cook.


Everything around us is a chemical substance which can undergo reactions or change with others. For instance, apples, potatoes, pears, peaches, and bananas when cut or bruised will form a brown color on the surface in a few minutes. You may have been observing this, but may not have known that the cause of the brown color is a chemical reaction which takes place between the oxygen of the air and some chemical substances in the apple and the other produce.


The knowledge of this chemistry will not only enable you to understand the chemical reaction involved, but also to prevent it from happening if you don’t want the brown color, or to promote it if you like it.


Chemistry is an incredibly fascinating field of study. Because it is so fundamental to our world, chemistry plays a role in everyone’s lives and touches almost every aspect of our existence in some way. Chemistry is essential for meeting our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, health, energy, and clean air, water, and soil. Chemical technologies enrich our quality of life in numerous ways by providing new solutions to problems in health, materials, and energy usage. Thus, studying chemistry is useful in preparing us for the real world.





Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because it joins together physics and mathematics, biology and medicine, and the earth and environmental sciences. Knowledge of the nature of chemicals and chemical processes therefore provides insights into a variety of physical and biological phenomena. Knowing something about chemistry is worthwhile because it provides an excellent basis for understanding the physical universe we live in. For better or for worse, everything is chemical!

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