Fresh Graduates

Top 15 Tips for Fresh Graduates

Are you one of those fresh graduates who are puzzled about what to do or where to go next? I've been teaching college students for more than two years, so I frequently run into grads who are struggling to decide what career to pursue. There were also people who had numerous job applications rejected and were now reluctant to reapply. Some of my former students now fresh graduates contacted me...
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night owls

Best 10 study advice for night owls

This article is targeted at high school, college, and graduate students. Get up at 5 a.m. Spend 20 minutes meditating. Make a kale smoothie. Then it was back to school by 6 a.m.   If that sounds terrifying to you, don't do it. Many common and generic study tips recommend that students get up at the crack of dawn to be the most productive. However, that advice does not apply to everyone....
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9 Ways to Ace the Waec Literature in English Test

Attempting to answer WAEC Literature-in-English questions necessitates a thorough understanding of the marking scheme as well as the texts involved. In this article, I will show you how to answer literature questions in WAEC in order to improve your chances of getting an A1 or B2.   To excel in WAEC Literature-in-English questions, keep the following points in mind.   You must have read...
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How Can I Pass My Physics Exam Without Studying?

To pass the physics exam without studying, you must rely primarily on common sense.   I'll proceed with this topic assuming you have at least 2-4 hours.   Because if you're looking for this, you probably have that much time. Even if you don't have much time, read this because it will be useful to you as well.   1: Understand the subject   The key to passing a physics exam is...
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Are you looking for a tutor?

Looking for a tutor for yourself or your child? “Excellent Home Classes” provides an effective one to one home tuition for students of all ages and in all subjects. Best of all you can get a tutor anywhere in Ghana.   WHY JOIN US? There are absolutely no hidden costs involved. A wider database of tutors giving you more choices. Quality assured by our panel of expert subject matter...
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learn piano

Top 10 tips on how to play piano

Do you want to play piano? Figuring out how to play piano start with the essential components of music comprising of notes, spans, harmonies, scales, and modes. This is achieved by fostering the ears and eyes to distinguish melodic examples, the cerebrum to decipher the tangible data, which then, at that point, directs the fingers to play the right keys on the piano.   Discover the secret of...
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11 basic review tips for student at college

Read up tips for student at college are somewhat not quite the same as review tips for secondary school understudies. Obviously, the two most basic review procedures in presence apply to students of any age.   Discover the secret of moving from Grade D to Grade A using proven systems and techniques that works right from your home. Click here to get this eBook for free.    The...
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Figure out how To Sing Tips

Have you generally needed to turn into a vocalist? Many individuals fantasy about singing, yet hardly any make the strides expected to learn. Here are a few fast tips that will show you how to pick up singing, all alone or with help: Discover the secret of moving from Grade D to Grade A using proven systems and techniques that works right from your home. Click here to get this ebook for free. ...
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learn to sing

Learn To Sing: Tips For Beginners

Have you always wanted to become a singer? Many people dream of singing, but few take the steps required to learn. Here are some quick tips that will teach you how to learn singing, on your own or with assistance: How to Learn Singing – Before You Begin Before you begin, listen to a lot of different songs in many genres. This will help you settle on a style that best suits your voice and...
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Kumasi – Top 16 Secondary Schools You Must Know

Kumasi as we all know is the capital city of the Ashanti Region. Ashanti being in the southern part of Ghana. It may also surprise you to know that Kumasi has also been known as the center for Ashanti culture.   In this post I will like to tell you a bit about Kumasi, some fact and features  before later focusing on the top secondary schools we can find in this city.   Kumasi usually...
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