Top 10 tips for passing difficult subject

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a difficult subject. I'm not advocating that all high school students take AP Physics and all college students take advanced organic chemistry. I didn't take either of those courses, and I came out fine. Instead, I'm referring to courses that seem difficult to you based on your personal skill level, strengths, and interests. Tips for Taking...
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Grading Tips | Guest Blogger Rachel Dunham

Grading can be overwhelming when you have multiple children to teach, but if you can figure out the best way — one that works for you and your kids — it doesn’t have to be daunting! In my experience, organization and a grading schedule are very helpful. Over the years, we have used Abeka’s parent-led curriculum and Abeka Academy. I have graded countless tests, quizzes, and daily work, and...
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Common Phrases: Do’s and Don’ts

In English, we have a variety of common phrases for every situation. From multiple ways of saying hello, goodbye, and how are you, learning the most natural way can be difficult. Click here and download our special report for free.. The English language has common everyday phrases such as: What’s up? Can’t complain! No worries. I have no idea. I agree 100%. Have a good one! Watch where...
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bad grades

9 reasons you have bad grades

By Katie Azevedo, M.Ed. Bad grades don’t just come out of nowhere for no good reason. Sure, you might fail a test once in a while because of extenuating circumstances, but chronically poor grades are a symptom of something bigger. In other words, chronically bad grades are not the real problem; they are simply the visible result of an invisible problem. 9 reasons you have bad grades In the...
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How to study for a test on a book

By Katie Azevedo, M.Ed. From middle school through graduate school, being tested on what we read basically is school. Read a book, and then take a test: repeat forever. Therefore, knowing how to study for a test on a book is the key to doing well in so many classes. This blog post is full of strategies for preparing for and taking tests on novels, including both fiction and non-fiction.  ...
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Warning: Read this before you hire a private tutor

A home tutor, who is he? Most homeschool families teach their children from home until certain conditions are met.   Click here a get a copy of our special report design for parents and students of all levels for free.   Some parents stop once they believe they are no longer qualified to teach. Others, on the other hand, may enroll the kids in the public education and still employ a...
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How Classroom Learning Differs From Private Home Tutoring

In this lesson, we want to focus on how classroom learning differs from private home tutoring. If you find this valuable, please share and/or comment below; also remember that we are given away a freebie to all our new readers so make sure you will get to the end of this lesson to grab yours. The one most important question that is often asked by new student and parent alike is the difference...
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What is Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)?

Are you planning of applying to college, then it is vital for you to know what SAT is and how it can affect your application process. SAT a.k.a. the Scholastic Assessment Test is used in the application process to colleges and universities in the United States. The test measures critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems and is often thought of as a measure of...
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What is “Graduate Record Examination” (GRE)?

If you’re thinking about applying to a graduate program, then you’ll probably have heard of the graduate record examination (GRE). It’s important to find out as soon as possible whether your graduate program requires applicants to submit GRE scores for admission. Not only will this give you a better idea of the school’s requirements, but it will also help you pin down your test date...
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The Untold Story Of A Mother Who Raised The Inventor Of The Light Bulb

One day, as a small child, Thomas Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother. He said to her, “Mom, my teacher gave this paper to me and told me only you are to read it. What does it say?” Her eyes welled with tears as she read the letter out loud to her child… “Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn't have good enough teachers to train him....
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