How Classroom Learning Differs From Private Home Tutoring

In this lesson, we want to focus on how classroom learning differs from private home tutoring.

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The one most important question that is often asked by new student and parent alike is the difference between classroom teaching and private tutoring.

There are many differences involved comparing classroom teaching with private home tutoring

You may be wondering why you should pay more for something that is essentially free in school. Well, children do not always learn well in school. It could be because the child is smarter than their classmates and therefore bored, or not as intelligent and therefore frustrated. As well, children do not always learn the same way. Some learn through listening, while many learn through doing and seeing.


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Schools typically only teach in one form and since that causes problems for many that is where private home tutoring comes in.

With private tutoring, you have the chance to give your child one-on-one training. They can learn more about the topics that interest them, catch up with their classmates in school and even help them excel to earn good grades and therefore get into good colleges and universities.

Private tutoring offers so many benefits that are simply not available in a classroom setting. Having a teacher devote all their attention to your child is perhaps the most important benefit of private tutoring.

At this point let take a look at some few differences between the classroom learning and private tutoring.


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The Classroom environment targets multiple students

In the classroom, the student is part of a group of twenty to thirty other students. Each student has their own abilities and the rate of learning also differs from one student to the other. Furthermore, each student has their own individual strong points as well as academic weaknesses. Teachers must develop and deliver lessons to the class as a whole, in essence treating the entire class as a single student.

When learning in a class, students are typically not able to inform the teacher about how well they are assimilating the lessons. What’s more, the lesson plans will be planned to suit the needs of an average student and the teachings will be conducted at a pace that best suits an average student. This means that a non-average student – whether gifted or with learning disabilities – may not be able to grasp the points being made by the teacher. Even the best teacher (in such circumstances) will not be able to determine whether students are assimilating what is being taught.


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Too Many Distractions in the Classroom

Numerous distractions exist in classrooms that can conflict with a student’s ability to learn. In some instances, distractions that exist in classrooms can prove to be detrimental to the growth and education of the student. Certain distractions that can impede the student’s learning might even intimidate their less aggressive fellow students. The end result is that a student that is being taught in a classroom is not able to achieve their learning objectives.

Your child needs A Relaxed Conducive Environment to study.

Private tutoring, on the other hand, is very different. The learning environment is much more relaxed and conducive to learning. A private tutor is also ready to travel to teach the student at their home. The learning environment is happier and more productive.

Private tutoring also means that the tutor is able to focus their lesson plans on a particular skill set. For example, if the student is strong in math but weak in algebra the tutor can focus on improving the student’s ability to master algebraic thinking.

Private tutoring is beneficial because it means that the student who is tutored in private will gain a competitive edge over their peers. In a highly competitive world, no student can afford to be left behind. Being tutored in private is very beneficial because it helps the student overcome minor or major deficiencies in their grades in a particular subject.


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