Conclusion and Getting Starting – Day 5

This is the last day of our five days training series specially design for our area coordinators.

We have already talked about the history behind Excellent Home Classes, who an area coordinator is, the roles, qualities needed and how much you can earn.

We have also looked at marketing, customer service, email response, dealing with difficult clients, monitoring and supervision of lessons.

If you’ve not yet read this, I suggest you start from here:

Day 1Introduction

Day 2Marketing: How to source for students, parents and tutors

Day 3Administrative Support: How to answer phone calls and deal with clients queries

Day 4Supervision and Monitoring of Lessons

In this lesson, we are going to conclude this training with a summary of what we have learned and also look at how you can get started as a coordinator in your local community.



We have gone through the basic of what you will be doing as an area coordinator. How to go about doing that and what to expect as you go along.

In summary, your job as an area coordinator will mean to promote home tuition in your local community.

This will include:

Marketing for students and parents within your community.

Advertising for tutor’s by visiting schools, colleges and campuses in your community.

Respond to calls and emails, and also handle complaints from students and parents.

Monitoring and supervision of lessons.

Liaising with parents from time to time to find out whether or not their expectations are met.


Our 5 Step Process

Before a parent or student can get a tutor for tuition, there are some steps he/she must take.

Below is our 5 steps process for getting a tutor.

  1. Make a request
  2. Arranged for introductory class
  3. Confirm the assigned tutor
  4. Make payment
  5. Start lessons


Making a Request

In making a request parent or student will call for inquiries to know more about what we do and how you can help them.

They will then have to register either online or in-person.

If online you can send them this link:

But if they want to do the registration in-person, then, you must take their location and go meet them at home, fill a form with them, and let them make payment to be sign on board.

You will have to be aware of our current tuition fees and use it as a benchmark for your negotiations.

Here click here to check out our latest fees. 



Arranged for Introductory Class

Once registration is done, a search for the tutor will be conducted and the right tutor matched for the client.

The tutor will be connected to the area coordinator, who will then arrange an introductory class between the student and tutor at a day and time that will be convenient.


Confirm Assigned Tutor

As an intro class is schedule, the tutor must be ready to go deliver a free demo lesson at the student location.

At this time the area coordinator must be present to witness the session.

Students and parents will only have one slot for an intro class after which they will either confirm or reject the tutor.


Make Payment

Once a student or parent confirms a tutor, payment must be made upfront and in advance before lessons start.

There are three main modes of payment:

  1. Mobile money
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Online Payment


Mobile Money Account:

Name on Account: Excellent Home Classes

Mobile Money Number: 0245870539


Bank Details:

Name of Bank: Fidelity Bank,

Account Name: Excellent Home Classes,

Account Number: 1050787390918,

Branch: Lapaz


Online Payment:



When the clients make payment, the prove of payment: being the payment receipt or confirmation sms must be sent to the coordinator and the amount confirm in advance.

Start Lessons

Lessons will only start after payment is confirmed and tutor will be given all necessary materials needed for the sessions.

Tutor will also be asked to submit to us how he/she will like to be paid as well as other few details.

From then on, the area coordinator will be monitoring lessons and tutors attendance regularly.

He/she will also be checking on them from time to time in-person and via phone to ensure things are running smoothly.

Whenever there are any issues to be addressed, the coordinator will attend to it and provide solutions promptly.

Tutor’s Commission

A tutor assign to student will be paid 50% of the student’s tuition fees.

The tutor will be paid at the end of the month after his/her coordinator has crosscheck and confirm the attendance.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve got to this stage of the training and have completed all your assignments and project, you have proven your commitment and determination to succeed.

The next step is to tack action.

Action is the antidote for success.

Without action, your knowledge, strategies and techniques will not work.

It is time to take all what you’ve learned in these training sessions and put it to work.

  1. Click here and take a look at some of our promotional materials.
  • Copy or download the once you want to use and immediately start promoting.
  • Without sales, there is no business, therefore focus 100% of your actions each day on getting more students and parents.

Help them to understand the importance of home tuition and why they should hire a tutor for themselves or their kids.

  • Once you get a client, makes sure you provide him/her with an excellent service so much so that he can refer you to other parents or student in the community.
  • With time your quality service and your willingness to help others to improve their education will be made known in your entire community and people will start providing you with word of mouth recommendations with ease.

Other Resources

Jack Canfield explains: Taking Action, Even When You’re Not Exactly Sure What To Do!

How to deliver Successful demo class (


Meet Anthony Robbins



Click here and complete your assignment for this lesson.


What To Do Next

Go through your Day 2 training again and pick up a marketing strategy to focus on.

Print flyers, share links on social media, visits schools, churches, supermarkets, etc and start sharing your service with them.

More importantly let your audience know the benefits the can get by hiring a home tutor.

Once you get a client, focus on him/her as a long terms project and be determine to provide him with quality service.

Make supervising of tutors and monitoring of lessons your daily ritual.

Attend to their queries promptly and handle complaints on time.

With time your happy clients will start to recommend other interested parents and students to you and you will be well known as the guy who is improving education in your local community with home tuition.

Best of good luck.

The Training Team

Excellent Home Classes

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