Do These 7 Things This New Year

New Year is a time to think about and focus on areas you need to improve in your life.

New Year

Very often, people treat New Year as an opportunity just like a fresh slate, to correct past mistakes during the upcoming year.

We make yearly resolutions hoping for a change in behavior, usually with the goal of improving relationships, health, general well-being, and so on.


What can you do this New Year to make your life better?


Take a look at the following:


  1. Learn something new

Tutoring are great source of useful information and a great distraction from your scheduled classes, not to mention a very productive use of your time.

Learning outside of course materials is crucial to help broaden your knowledge base and impress future employers.

If you want to expand your expertise in your area of study, expert tutors can be great recommendation source for tutoring more related to your studies.

Start following influencers on social media in your areas of specialization.

Many podcasts cover broad topics of physical well-being and mental health.

Alternatively, documentaries can be a great way to unwind from the stress of your workload.

You can find a huge variety to choose from online, whether you are interested in history, art, sociology, fashion, or politics.

You can also try picking up an autobiography written by one of your favorite public figures.


  1. Set daily personal goals

Many New Year’s resolutions involve daily goals of exercise and meditation in an effort to improve overall well-being and mental health.

While these are always beneficial areas of focus, try setting more specific goals relating to the people and habits in your own life.

For example, if you are working on a project with a very difficult classmate, make a personal resolution to change your own behavior.

Once you realize the source of stress in the situation — maybe this person is too controlling, too lazy, or too loud — then you can begin to resolve your own behavior.


  1. Take time for yourself

December is a time for giving, but as the year winds down it’s important to take some time for yourself.

Find a way to let out some stress. Spending some time at the gym can kill two birds with one stone … improving your physical and mental health.

Maybe even just dedicate a quiet corner in your house to finding your zen when you have a free moment.

Nobody wants to start off a new year with the baggage they carried around in the previous one.

Find that peace of mind that’ll give you a clean slate.


  1. Practice gratitude

This New Year’s, think about how you can make your life more meaningful and how you can connect with your community by volunteering or making a resolution to be kinder and more patient with others.

Show compassion when a friend offers help.

Give compliments where you feel they are deserved.

You can help your community by donating food, mentoring at-risk youth, volunteering at an annual event, or participating in a clothing drive.

You might be surprised by the satisfaction you can feel from any of these acts of service.


  1. Reconnect with Someone

It seems like everyone is too busy to catch up these days.

How many times have you told someone “We need to get together!” and never followed through? No judgment.

We’ve all done it.

Luckily you have another chance this year to make good on your promise.


  1. Get a target and go for it!

Are you beginning a degree in engineering or computer science?

Set yourself a goal to communicate with the established professionals who inspire you.

What if you send an email to Bill Gates asking for career advice and he actually replies?

It might sound impossible, but you will be surprised by the help some people are willing to offer students and aspiring professionals.

All it takes is a little risk-taking and the impact could be life-changing.

The difference between realistic and unrealistic goals is the expectation of achieving them.

Realistic goals might include saving a certain amount of money by the end of the month or improving your relationship with a peer.

Unrealistic goals, on the other hand, might be less in your control, like establishing a relationship with one of the world’s most famous computer scientists.

The reward, however, will be much more gratifying.

Keep in mind that these ‘unrealistic’ goals are not completely out of reach, and should not cost you your integrity.

They should inspire you to think creatively, to take risks, and most importantly they present the possibility for real, impactful change in your life.


  1. Create future plan

What do you want to achieve both professionally and personally?

Map out a plan to get there, breaking it up into short, medium and long term benchmarks.

No matter where you are in life now, plan goals you can realistically achieve in the next week, month, and overall goals you can reach before you get there.

Use your social life to set deadlines for yourself, like completing an assignment during the week before the party you have planned over the weekend.

You can also make a list of companies you are interested in and make sure you contact them all before the end of the month.

Financial planning is crucial as well.

Create a budget for yourself. Once you see where your money actually goes, set a realistic budget for yourself each month and try to cut back where possible.

It is never too early in life to start avoiding debt and monitoring your credit score.



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