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Many graduate students today are thinking of having a dream job after school.


For those who are still searching, majority of them even wonder if there is still something call a dream job.


T.B. Joshua said, “Unemployment has made education useless!”


I think he is right! Because these days, there are a lot of people with diplomas, degrees, and MBAs, crying for jobs.


In fact, they are part of the unemployed graduates association.


But, if you look at what T.B. Joshua said in another angle, you’ll say he is wrong.



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First of all, what is education?


The root word “education” is derived from the Latin, “Educere.” The word “educere” means to lead forth or draw out.


That means the purpose of education is not to get a job, but to help you unleash or draw out the greatness, potential or the genius within you.


Schooling is not the same as education.


It is only a form of education.


For instance, I don’t go to school, but I’m always educating myself 24/7!


Education is a non-stop process. It continuous after graduation at school, always bringing out the best in you!






Why Many Are Jobless


Now, in the world of economics, you’re not paid for what you learnt at school.


You’re paid for what you can do with what you learnt at school.


This is why many people are jobless!


They sit at home watching TV all day long, waiting for the government and me (an entrepreneur) to create the job for them so that they will just have to apply for it.


If the so-called educated people can leverage what they’ve learnt at school to create products and services to meet needs in the country, they will be automatically employed.


If they can leverage what they learnt at school to solve problems for individuals and businesses, they will be employed.


So If you have a degree or certificate, and you’re still unemployed, you’d like to reexamine your thinking.


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Parents – Change Your Advice

Parents who advice their children, “Go to school and get a good, secure job!” need to change that advice.

That advice is outdated, outmoded and archaic.

I think it is this bad advice that has weakened the economy and created a lot of job seekers and job hunters.

Parents, please, I suggest you change that advice.

Rather, advice your children to go to school and come back to build companies.


My Experience

I spoke with a relative recently.

She informed me that she wants her daughter to study nursing and get a good, safe job with the government.

I was utterly shocked by her advice.

I said to her, “Why don’t you let your daughter go to school and come back to start a private practice.

Let her start a chain of chemical shops, a pharmacy, a clinic or anything health.”

“If she’s being paid GHS 1,000 or GHS 2,000 per month, how can she help other members of the family?”

“We need people to own companies in the family, making GHS 10,000 to GHS 100, 000 per month so that they can help a lot of people achieve their dreams,” I concluded.

A job is good, as long as you love your job, do a great work and you’re well paid.

But, at this stage of the economy, we need many people to transform their school knowledge into enterprises.



Ghana Need Entrepreneurs

I believe that Ghana is economically bleeding profusely.

And the people to stop this blood flow are entrepreneurs.

Recently, 9 local banks, 386 microfinance, 23 savings and loans companies and finance houses were closed down.

Lately, SEC has axed another 53 fund management companies.

This is just the financial sector alone, talk less of other industries.

All these things happened in only two years.

Now, you can imagine the vast loss of jobs and the economic turbulence looming in the country.

I don’t know how many companies and jobs the government can create in the next few years to cover up……even though government promised, “One District, One Factory. One Village, One Dam.”




So, what’s my point?

Ghana seriously needs entrepreneurs… and you must become one.

It is either you create a job for yourself or create a job for others.

Just start a business, work at it and make it successful!

I know it is not easy, but it is possible!

If we can have at least 1,000 micro, small and medium scale businesses in the next 5 years, I believe our economy will take a sharp turn for a better future.

So please, take initiative. Stop waiting for that dream job, get your assss off and begin to make things happen.



It Is Your Turn Now

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