Double Track System – So Far Good Or Bad?

For a long time, Ghana has been running a three school terms but the introduction of the double track system has changed this.


Double Track System


The changed is due to severe congestion in classrooms as a result of the free SHS policy.


To solve this problem, the government taught it wise to divide the entire system into two known as double track system.


The idea of the double track system is simple to divide the entire student body and staff of second circle schools into two.


What that means is that when one group or track is in school the other track will be on vacation and vice versa.


Take for example, a school like Apam Secondary.


The school would say they have space for about 500 pupils but over 1200 students subscribe to go there so the only way to create that space would be to divide the entire students and staff population into two.


Whiles one population is in school the other will be on vacation and vice versa and hence the double track system.



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What double-track Entails:

The double track system will mean that most secondary schools in Ghana will now move away from the three school terms to a two-semester system similar to that run by tertiary institutions.

The double track system is a stop-gap measure to ensure that no child was left out of the classroom and that many children as possible will be educated. This is a strategy that will help remove illiteracy in the country.




The objectives of the double-track system were to:

  1. create room to accommodate an increase in enrollment,
  2. reduce class size,
  3. increase contact hours, and
  4. increase the number of holidays



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Most critics believe that, the double track system will be a recipe for most social vices such as:

  1. Internet fraud
  2. Teenage pregnancy
  3. Poor academic performance




What is your take? Leave a comment and let’s know what you think.

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