Family Bonding Through Coloring Books

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Let’s start with the wise words of the former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics Sandra Hassink says about family bonding,


“The memories you create together with your child together will sustain, empower, and encourage your child.”


The truth is we all love to think that we have some understanding about family bonding, its long-lasting effects on kids, and its divine touch when difficult times strike. But the truth is, very rarely do we actively seek to impart bonds between family members. As parents, we have this false confidence that, since we are doing everything humanly possible to provide for our kids, we will grow as a family, no matter what we do or don’t do to make one. And sometimes we fall apart.


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Probably it started from Cain, who was sickeningly jealous of his brother Abel. These days, all the singer-brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher can think of are fighting with each other – and on various fronts – legal, physical, or in tweeter. Legendary actresses Olivia De Haviland and Joan Fontain didn’t talk for over 30 years, and they fought for everything – their mother’s attention, roles in films, men – everything that found their ways towards them.


And unfortunately for us mere mortals, it’s not unheard of among friends and family members; those lurid stories are just not printed or published but talked about among us.


You probably are thinking that you need a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology to practice family bonding – with your kids – to make as strong a family you can ever get. But the fact of the matter is you need to be a little bit more patient. The internet can be your true friend in this regard, and there are numerous ways to make your family bonding a solid one.


But today, I am only going to talk about family bonding through coloring books.



Family Bonding Through Coloring Books:

It is hard to believe that the simple act of coloring pages can profoundly affect the development of your child’s mental and physical health. Most of the kids love coloring books. It can light their imagination like no other activity. If they engage in coloring books, their handwritings improve significantly. Because when they color, they perceive it as fun instead of learning.

But most importantly, by coloring books, they learn to maneuver pencils on a piece of paper, and they develop the power of grip and dexterity early on. Their hand-eye coordination jumpstarts when they learn to hold crayons, where to push to get a more profound effect, or what color should be used. Besides, coloring diagrams teaches the students where to stop, which in turn, makes them understand the importance of maintaining boundaries in life early on.

For instance, if you let them color Motorcycles Coloring Pages, they will know that they have to color only the inside of the diagram to complete drawing their favorite motorcycles. Again if they try the L.O.L. Surprise Coloring Sheets, the children will inevitably draw comparisons with their cute little dolls and try to make it lifelike as much as they can.

By learning these traits, children inadvertently start learning their parents’ struggles, maybe not in great detail, but at least they develop some ideas about it. And at the core of the family bonding, awareness of other members’ well-being reigns supreme.


Coloring books teach your children’s patience. And patient people know the art of relaxation and how to be comfortable with what little you have and not to complain. If you are lucky enough to get these across without ever knowing them, you are one lucky parent. From personal experience, I can assure you that every family feud starts by complaining about silly little things. But if yours is free from that, your family bonding will surpass the test of time.


Through coloring books, children develop the power of concentration. It will have a carry-over effect on the other activities they partake. So the next time when you tell them to study or help in little household chores, they will comply with care. This will prevent shouting or getting angry from your part. Ultimately both you and your children start building an invisible bond that will last forever.


Coloring books frequently have a therapeutic influence on kids. When the color, they let out their emotions, exasperations, feelings. And whenever a kid finds a way to blow out emotions bubbling under the surface, the tantrums, the throwing out of objects, the stubbornness, etc. are removed. And believe it or not, calm kids make everything around the household exceptionally enjoyable. You will have ample time to look after everything with care. And your sincere affection will engulf the kids, and the family will enjoy healthy relationships all around.


The things with the coloring books are that mostly they are free and readily available in downloadable mode. There are several varieties you can find, and you can choose as per your kids’ choice. They do not occupy a lot of space, and you just can’t throw it when you are done.


But on top of every other benefit coloring books can offer, strengthening family bonds should be the reason you can inspire your children to use them.

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