For parents/ students

  • Will I have to pay any fees by requesting a tutor?
No, this service is free for parents and students. 
  • How do I request for a tutor?
Fill out the request form at HERE. After submitting the request form, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll get in touch with you for more details or requirements. After that, we’ll start to source for a suitable tutor for you.
  • How long do I need to wait before I can be assigned a home tutor?
Rest assured that we would be looking into your request with highest priority. We’ll match you a suitable tutor according to your needs within 24 hours.
  • How do I verify the tutor’s qualifications?
Parents/ students have all rights to ask for the certification of the chosen tutor’s qualifications when requested. Simply inform us that you need the tutor to bring along their certificates on the first day of tuition.
  • What can I do should I be unsatisfied with the home tutor?
Tutor is subjected to the parents’ acceptance following the 1st lesson determined by his or her standard of teaching. We’ll make contact with you after the 1st lesson to check if you wish to accept or turn down the tutor. In case you don’t want to continue with that specific tutor right after the 1st lesson, you simply need to pay for that session of tuition.
  • What if I wish to have the tutor changed?
Any time you feel if the home tutor is not teaching satisfactorily, we provide a switch of tutor at no additional cost. However, you need to pay the tuition fees for all conducted tuition sessions.
  • How many students will there be in a class?
It can be one-to-one home tuition or small group tuition.
  • Is it safe to trust a stranger with my kid?
We do not advise any classes in the absence of parents/guardians. We also advise you to talk to your ward regularly and take feedback about the tutor. We do not guarantee any suitability or safety either explicit or implied.

For Tutors

  • Must I pay to register as a tutor?
Registration is free of charge.
  • How do I register as a Home tutor?
Click here to register and fill in your details.
  • What are the criteria for registering as a Tutor?
1.     You must be a Ghanaian or a Permanent Resident.
2.     You need to be over the age of 18 to qualify to become our tutor.
3.     You must be a certificate / Diploma holder or similar, and show great results in the subjects which you desire to teach.
4.     Tutors should not provide false declaration of academic or profession qualifications, which may lead to serious consequences.
5.     Tutors need to take their tuition jobs seriously. They need to turn up punctually or inform their client early enough should they need to postpone the session or if perhaps they’re likely to be late.
6.     All tutors should show good personalities and pleasant dispositions.
  • What is the approximate distance that I have to travel?
You can choose how far you want to travel. In general, we do not recommend traveling more than 4-5 km from your residence. We understand the stress caused by traffic and would not want to put you through the stress.
  • When is the tuition time?
It’s flexible. You can choose the tuition time during your registration process. For example, if you are only free on weekends, then we will only arrange students for you during the weekends.