Ghana’s Free SHS – Review

It is clear that by now most of us are aware of the government policy of instituting a free SHS for all citizens of Ghana. 

This is evidently clear that, as people, we have realized that education is key and critical to our development as a nation. The acknowledgment of this fact is paramount in the quest to transform our economy by creating wealth and improving the living standards of all citizens.

From personal analysis with regard to views expressed by experts in education, as well as political commentators and views of various political parties on the issue of free SHS, I can conclude that it’s a good concept. However, it seems to me that most people are not clear about what really the free SHS concept is about and what it intends to do for it citizens. Let me take the opportunity now to review this concept and touch on few salient issues that need to be considered.
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What is Ghana’s free SHS
By free SHS, it means that in addition to tuition which is already free, there will be no admission fee, no library fee, no science centre fee, no computer lab fee, no examination fee, and no utility fee; there will be free textbooks, free boarding, and free meals, and day students will get a meal at school for free. The free SHS also will mean that agricultural, vocational and technical institutions at the high school level will all be free.
Why Ghana’s free SHS
Nelson Mandela once saidEducation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Therefore for a country like ours to be able to transform itself to meet today’s modern and economic development, proper education is a key.
Most countries in the West and Asia are thriving because they recognized the need for better education and decided to educate most if not all of their citizens.

By free SHS, the Ghanaian child would not only have the chance to attend secondary school but could also look in the mirror in the morning knowing that they can achieve anything they dream of. They could be confident knowing that when they work hard, they could also be as capable as any child else in the world. In addition to this, parents could also look upon their children with pride as they watch them grow and mature into self-confident adults, knowing that they can become useful not only to themselves and their families but to the community, the nation and even the world in general.
Who is eligible?
Every Ghanaian child who passes his or her examination will have the opportunity to enjoy the government’s Free SHS policy starting in September.
Whenever the issue of passing the examination is raised, most people have all sort of concerns. But in my own view, If you fail an exam why should you benefit from something free; I am surprised. Because even now that it’s not free, not everyone gets the chance to enter the senior high school because they failed.
Even when a company or an institution wants to give out scholarships, don’t you have to pass to benefit, for those who fail, do they get the scholarships? Of course NOT!
Since people would want to benefit, they will employ their children to study very hard to pass the exams, because there is still a pass there. It is not how free it is, but you have to pass an exam and so the need to study, so let’s get that in mind.
Roles and Responsibilities for Ghana’s free SHS
Students would have to study hard perhaps form study groups, share notes and materials and seek competent advice when necessary. Parent, on the other hand, may like to support their kids, providing conducive and accommodative learning environment at home. If need be, they can volunteer to assist their kids with after class assignment or better still employ a private home tutor to come help out.
In any case, when all hands are brought on deck, we will be happy to have had this free SHS concept as we look forward to a better future. I believe that Ghana’s free SHS concept would be one of the greatest legacies ever in the history of our dear country.

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