How A Father In Ghana Home-Schooled His Kids

He was the youngest among all fresh students admitted to the University of Ghana.

At age 12, he has been offered a long-distance course in Public Administration.

Viemens, was home-schooled by his father after his lower primary education in Akyem-Oda in the Eastern Region.

He wrote and passed the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) as a private candidate.

How He Was Home Schooled

Viemens in an interview stated that his father uses what his children like to teach them

“We combined both Cambridge syllabus and the WASSCE syllabus… so I understood some basic things about [them],” he said.

Viemens aims at becoming the President of Ghana at the age of 40-years and he looks up to President Akufo-Addo and Barack Obama as role models.

“I want to improve our nation and make our nation one of the highest countries in the world… Things are going well but there are inflations in the economy…” he noted.

What The Father Have To Say

Robert Bamfo, is the father of Viemens and according to him, he decided to home-school his kids after going through some financial difficulties.

He said, he first taught his kids dictionary skills, where the child pronounces every word without the help of an adult.

“Where there is difficulty the child must resort to the dictionary.

There are phonetic symbols so we do the phonetic skills and then once that is done,

I teach Latin for vocabulary development,” Mr Bamfo explained.

Mr Bamfo added that he does not give notes to his kids but rather he resorts to the textbooks and where there is difficulty to comprehend, he teaches his kids reading skills development.

“I teach him the sciences; I don’t give notes.

What we do is textbook centered.

If the child doesn’t understand what he is reading, we do reading skills development… I do understand what I read.

I have books on that so I use that to help them appreciate what they have read,” he stressed.

Why He Was Home-Schooled

The focus of Robert was to make his children very independent in the quest to acquire knowledge.

He pulled his son out of school after lower primary.

Since then, he has been tutoring him for the past 3 years in various subjects which prepared him to sit for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private students, popularly known as Nov-Dec.

He said, “I had return from my master’s programme in Senegal and I pursued Banking and Finance and French. When I returned at a point in time, I had to work with my in-law who had a school as an administrator of the school,

‘’I thought that we needed to do certain things differently from the way things are been done and my inlaw who is a trained teacher would not agree with me so I took a decision that I will have to use my kids to visualise what I intent doing and if anything comes out it, then it will be a proof.

“Initially, there were differences between my family but I stood my ground knowing very well that it is going to be difficult to share a vision that I have seen clearly that if I needed to give my kids comparative advantage then i needed to do things differently.

“I started with my firstborn, I pulled him out of school at age 12 every dawn I will wake him up teach him from 3 up to 6 am then I will leave him to plan his day the way he wants to, and then in the evening we will meet and review what he has done,

‘’I was assessing his level of independence, that he should be able to look up things he does not understand like pronunciation and I see his confidence level has improved that was the beginning..”

How To Home-school Your Own Kids

Like Robert Bamfo, you too can homeschool your kids.

If you are a teacher, you can do that yourself

If not you can hire a home tutor to take up the task.  

For details on getting a professional tutor for yourself or your child,

Call/Whatsapp 0246099277 / 0501457284.

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