How COVID 19 Has Affected Private School Teachers

The novel coronavirus which is also known as COVID 19 has impacted nations worldwide.

Many people have lost their jobs whiles majority even those who are still engaged have their salaries locked.

No sector of the economy has been spared. The hardest hit includes education, hotels and tourism, restaurants, import and export trade to mention but a few.

Every country has its own way of dealing with this pandemic.

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Government of many nations have employed several strategies which includes the close down of schools, churches and mosques; ban on social gatherings and the closure of borders.

In addition to this, other measures have been put in place to cushion affected members of society especially the vulnerable and less privileged.

Many health workers have been given free personal protective equipment (PPE’s), free buses to and from work, and a percentage increase on basic salaries.

Banks in many countries have introduced monetary policies which are aimed at enabling individuals and cooperate bodies to have access to loans at a reduced cost.

Whiles all these are laudable implementations, and steps that needs to be commended, there is an important sector in the economy that we need not forget.

These are the teachers in our educational sectors, especially our private schools teachers.

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Whiles teachers in the government sectors have their salaries paid; those in the private schools have been affected greatly. Many have been paid a fraction of their monthly salaries whiles others have been laid off.

A number of private schools impacted negatively by COVID-19 have started downsizing.

Other private schools are taking the same measures since fees are collected per term and therefore teaching and non-teaching staff can only be remunerated when these fees are collected at the beginning of the term.

We must not lose sight of the vulnerable disposition of teachers especially those in private schools whose livelihood are currently being threatened.

Any gesture to reach out to teachers and private sector employees will be much appreciated.


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