WARNING: Don’t Hire Any Tutor Until You Read This.

Most families teach their children from home until certain conditions are met.


Some parents stop once they believe they are no longer qualified to teach. Others, on the other hand, may enroll the kids in the public education and still employ a private tutor at home, others wait until they believe their children have matured enough to handle the social pressure, influences, and other adverse effects of public education and the ‘outside’ world.

Furthermore, other families leave the decision up to their children.


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Sometimes extremely independent students and self-learners ask their parents to pull them from public schools so they can create a more independent schedule.

Whichever case, as a parent, you must think carefully about the kind of education you want to be providing your child. If you decide to homeschool your child to a certain level using the NATIONAL CURRICULUM, then, you will most likely need external help. You may be capable of teaching your children at basic levels of education but if your child is going to take an international exam, like IGSCE, they will benefit from the help of a private tutor. This help could be ongoing or just to prepare your child for the upcoming exams.



What You Must Consider

EXCELLENT HOME CLASSES have seen a gradual increase in requests from parents who provide home schooling. Many parents wish to have one tutor who can provide tuition in several subjects but this is not an easy task. Many private tutors supplement their daytime job as a teacher at a local school so they don’t have the time to provide lessons during the day. Other tutors may have the time but are not confident enough to teach more than 2 or 3 subjects.

Another aspect to consider is the commitment – finding a tutor that will commit to long-term tuition (perhaps more than a year) is easier said than done. It’s also important that the tutor gets on well with your child,  so it is worth trying out a few tutors to find the best ‘match’ for your child as each may have different skills and commitment levels.

Identify Your Goals

In getting a good tutor for your child, you may want to identify your goals for doing that. Consider the questions below:

  • What level of help do we need? Does my child need homework help, intensive remediation, or something in between?
  • What areas do we want to see the tutor improve: better scores in one subject (chemistry, geometry); improved general skills (math, reading, science); study skills; motivation?
  • What do I know about my child’s learning style? Does he learn best by reading, listening, moving, touching? Does he do better with men or women? Does he need lots of nurturing or a firm hand? What motivates and interests him?
  • How much time and money can you devote to tutoring? Don’t skimp, but be honest with yourself before you start.


Search In Advance

Having identified your goals, we advise parents to search for tutors well in advance. You may find the PERFECT TUTOR for your child but he/she has no immediate availability (GOOD TUTORS are booked up very quickly!) but you may be able to discuss long-term tuition with the tutor starting at a later date, perhaps for the following term or year.

It’s important that the tutor comes in with recommendations; ask a friend, relative or a trusted homeschool family. You can also go through a local home tutoring service with a wider database of tutors. By employing a tutoring service, you get to free yourself from the hassle of searching, evaluating and monitoring of your tutor; you can even get a guaranteed replacement for your tutor whenever there is a need.

Monitor For Results

It is important for you to watch how your child relates to the tutor. Sit in for a lesson (either part or full) if possible. Your child must be comfortable if you want to see him/her succeed.

Also, monitor for progress. Ask for feedback from your child, and see if your child’s grade gradually improves. If, after several sessions, you don’t see improvement or you feel a negative attitude in your child, move on to another tutor.

Finding — and keeping — a good tutor involves some work on your part. But then isn’t your child worth all the help you can give?

We can help you find PRIVATE TUTORS FOR HOMESCHOOLING, feel free to contact us for as many tutors as you wish and please take your time to discuss all your child’s tuition needs.

Hope you’ve had a ton of value from this post.

If you like what you’ve read and the information in here makes sense to you, then, why not follow the footsteps of my other successful students?

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