How You Can Enjoy Summer Holiday Alone At Home

Are you a primary or a high school student on vacation or about to go on summer break and wondering what to do with your time? More especially if your parents are the working type and you’ll be left alone at home; you may be wondering what to do with all this time available. Don’t worry; I have a solution for you.


It is called “Reading.”


Am not going to explain to you what reading is but I will share with you some unique strategies that can help you enjoy your holiday’s season with the act of reading, I will also share with you why reading is important and how you can go about in improving yourself to becoming a better reader.




Why Reading?

Reading is an extraordinary gift for every one of us throughout everyday life. You can read for joy, or get training.


If you are reading for delight, then reading a decent book can’t be compared with whatever else. The individuals who can’t read are lost in a universe of words and directions.


Throughout everyday life, there are solutions for nearly all that you do.


However, it is only by reading can you get access to these solutions.


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One can learn by doing, yet there are dependable things that must be read and comprehended before doing. The individuals who read inadequately or only on occasions will fall behind in learning.


It usually will affect them if nothing is done about it for the rest of their lives.


Do you realize that the books you read decide how you enhance your personal satisfaction?


Even if you can’t manage the cost of schooling today, you can give yourself a decent training by reading.


The individuals who read well figure out how to communicate and this is a critical ability for learning throughout life.


In the working world today, advancements go to the individuals who can utilize the correct words to empower and persuade others. The more you read, the more you know and the better you can speak with others. You are assessed by the words you talk and the punctuation you utilize.


In this information age, it is imperative for one to keep figuring out how to continue progressing. Indeed, even those with a few degrees must keep on learning. There is an advancement in each field and you need to shield figuring out how to keep from being outdated.


The vast majority of this learning is acquired by reading. Regardless of whether in books, daily papers, web or in school there is a ceaseless necessity to reading and learning.


With the capacity to read and grasp, anything can be learned. Poor readers will experience difficulty in picking up anything. The fundamental motivation behind your instruction is to have the capacity to read and read well.


The accompanying is summary of the significance of reading and how it can enable you to prevail throughout everyday life:


  1. Most ideal Method for Unwinding.


  1. It makes you more quick-witted.


  1. It builds up the brain and has subject to talk about in the group of friends.


  1. It is the means by which we find new things.


  1. Reading creates creative energy.


  1. Reading builds up the inventive side of individuals.


  1. Reading extends vocabulary.


  1. It is essential to advancement.


  1. Reading knows other individuals’ point of view.


  1. Reading brings about productive use of time.


  1. Reading takes us to another existence where we can’t travel physically.


  1. It causes us to dispose of tensions.


  1. Reading causes us from fatigue and repetitiveness.


  1. Reading helps shape a man’s character.


  1. Reading gives us power and comprehension.


  1. It makes mindfulness.


  1. It supports being a scholar.


  1. Reading gives us different themes to be the focal point of fascination in social occasions.



Become A Better Reader

You may know how to read. Yet, knowing how to read something and understanding it well are not the same. Two individuals could know how to read, however, they could be reading at extremely different levels. The key requirement is whether you’re ready to comprehend information or not.

This means that figuring out how to read is only an initial step.

The next more advanced step is figuring out how to read well, and that requires more practice and direction. This is vital in light of the fact that your reading level is controlled by how well you’re ready to take in information. Just when this ability is sharpened, at that point would you be able to obtain general learning all the more successfully.

Reading is said to be the entryway for facilitating information. It is the essential building block of learning for every other single subject.


In case you’re considering how to improve yourself to become a good reader, there are couples of suggestions for you to consider:


  1. Start at once. Most of us aren’t reading enough, but what if you’re not reading at all? Not a problem. Just start. Go slow. Ease yourself into it. You could re-read an old favorite, hit up The New York Times Best Sellers list for a suggestion, or finally get around to War and Peace. (Or not.) The first step is always the hardest. Once you’ve taken it, things only get easier.
  1. Form a habit. Now that you’ve started reading, how to stick with it? Make it a habit. Carve out a niche of time – it might only be fifteen minutes a day, that’s okay – where you can get along with a book. If it helps to have a certain time or place dedicated to reading, go for it. But do it every day. Make becoming a better reader a priority.
  1. Read widely. I love literature. For a while, it was all I read. Boy! was I missing out! Reading is like having a passport and an unlimited amount of frequent flier miles – you can travel wherever your fancy takes you. If you regularly read novels, consider devoting a month to non-fiction… or epic poetry, or Shakespeare, or graphic novels. Get out of your comfort zone. Explore. See how many stamps you can get on that metaphorical passport!
  1. Read well. How often do we read a book the same way we watch television? Eyes open, brain turned off, a glazed and comatose expression on our face. I think reading should be like a full-contact sport. Wrestle with those words and ideas! Underline interesting or challenging passages, write notes in the margin, keep a commonplace book, or join a reading group. Be an active reader. The best books beg for our engagement and give as much as we are willing to take from them.
  1. Eliminate distractions. Television, the internet, family, Angry Birds. Lots of things are vying for your attention. But if you’re serious about becoming a better reader try reading in a distraction-free environment. Turn off the TV, get away from the computer, put the kids or siblings to bed, and seek a little privacy. Not an easy thing to do, but it’s worth it.
  1. Make it a family affair. You can make reading pleasurable by doing it together as a family. If you have siblings, read to them. If you’re in a relationship, take turns reading to each other. If you’re feeling really ambitious, orchestrate a reading group with your family. At the very least it will give you something other than politics and religion to argue about.
  1. Set goals. I try to read about fifty books a year. I don’t always make it, but this goal helps to keep reading at the forefront of my mind. Goals can be a great motivator, but be careful! It is all too easy to go from reading for reading’s sake, to read for the sake of achieving some arbitrary goal. It is clichéd but true: Reading should be a journey, not a destination.
  1. Keep a list. Keeping a list goes hand-in-hand with setting goals, and the same caveat applies. A list can be a great way to chart the different places you’ve visited on your reading journey, but be mindful not to let it become an end unto itself.
  1. Make books a permanent accessory. The day you leave home without a book (or your Kindle), is the day you’ll find yourself somewhere – a waiting room, an auto repair shop, or shopping with the missus – with nothing but free time on your hands. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  1. Visit the library. If you are lucky enough to live near a decent library, take advantage of it! The library is a low-cost, risk-free way of introducing yourself to new and compelling authors. Plus, most libraries offer all sorts of cool (and often free!) resources and activities for kids, families, and readers of all ages and interests. The library is one of the best places to get started in your quest for becoming a better reader.
  1. Visit an independent bookseller. Big chain bookstores are fine, but in terms of charm and reading culture, you can’t beat an independent bookseller. From knowledgeable (and sometimes endearingly pretentious) staff to poetry readings and guest authors, this is where books and reading feel most vital.

Granted, if you’re an American who happens to live somewhere besides the Pacific Northwest or Brooklyn it might be a challenge to actually find an independent bookseller in your neighborhood, but most major metropolitan areas should host at least a store or two.

  1. Just discovered an author who rocks your world? Tell someone about it! Just finished a book that made a deep, meaningful impression on you? Share it with someone! Passion is infectious. If you are passionate about becoming a better reader, share that passion with the people around you.




What Books Must You Consider Reading?

Your selection of books may vary depending upon your inclination. It doesn’t make a difference whether you jump at the chance to read fiction or sentimental or other bookkeeping books. For whatever length of time that you appreciate understanding it, that is fine.

When you have chosen your kind, you can pick the book either by picking a specific writer or possibly you could experiment with books composed by obscure writers regarding that matter.

A decent book should keep you intrigued from the first word. It ought to stir and enact your cerebrum cells. In the event that you are reading a tension novel, at that point, the component of anticipation and amazement ought to be kept up all through the book. It should stun you every now and then before ending it in an exciting way.

In the peak of reading the last word, you ought to have the fulfillment of having read a decent book and lament of the book arriving at an end.

Likewise, a sentimental book should pull at the strings of your heart. You ought to have tears in your eyes amid the tragic bits of the novel and warm, cuddly emotions amid the sentimental segments.

You likewise need to get into the correct disposition and environment before reading. The territory where you sit to read the book ought to be quiet and tranquil without any diversions. The lighting ought to be sufficiently bright for you to read well without stressing your eyes.



Where Can You Get Books To Read?

If you love reading then you’ll know just how difficult it can be to get good books to read. So what alternatives are there?

The first thing to consider has to be your local library. These are many underused places that we should cherish and make the most of. If they don’t have the books you want in stock, then most libraries will order them in from other branches, or you can reserve books if they’re being lent out.

Rules vary according to different council’s. There’s also a scheme by which you can borrow books from libraries outside of the area you live in. This would be useful whilst on holiday.

For some people, there’s nothing quite like the joy of rummaging through a second-hand bookshop. Some bookshops will search out particular books for you too. Charity shops are another fantastic place for picking up cheap books. Some charity shops offer books at silly prices each with amazing value.

If you’re after something specific then eBay is worth a try as it has a lot of booksellers on, but watch out for postage as sometimes it is quite high. You can also search through free classified ads site or even post ads for particular books.

Vouchers for saving money when you buy books. Various online bookshops offer discounts from time to time and these are worth looking out for. There are a huge number of high street bookshops available online to browse through, so if you don’t want to go to the high street you can stay at home and look for books to buy.

High street bookshops are probably the most expensive place to buy books though, but you’re guaranteed that the book is new and in perfect condition. If you’re after newly published books then you often have to pay full price or watch out for the special offers.

If you ask friends for book tokens for your birthday you could then treat yourself to brand new books of your own choice. Sometimes a better option if you have older relatives who often struggle to know exactly what you’re into reading.



Register with your local reading group and keep an eye out for books being offered. You can also use this as a way of passing on books you’ve finished with. You can also ask friends and family if they’ve got any books that you can read, you might be surprised how big some people’s reading list is.

Another major place to look for free books is the internet. You can find over 30,000 free books at Project Gutenberg and these can be downloaded to any text reader device.

There are many other free book sites online.





Reading is not a good activity that many students are fond of doing. They prefer to participate in sports or find entertainment in the world of technology (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp) rather than to sit down and read. While many will argue that a measure of reading is done while they chat online or play various games, it doesn’t help to improve your reading skills.

Note that, it is never too late to start reading. However, you can encourage yourself to start reading by looking for short stories and magazine or newspaper articles of interest.

If you want to find a good job, then reading is important.

If you want to increase the ability of your mind automatically then reading is equally important.

Reading is the best way in which you can discover things you had no idea about. EBooks, magazines, and all sorts of books are great tools that can be used to discover things. It is very easy to educate yourself now regarding different issues and topics. In this age, there is so much information that is available out there. The only way that you can make use of this information is by actually reading it.

When you read, then your imagination develops in the process. You can travel to any part of the world. You can go on adventures, take on a character, and so many other things that would have been unknown to you.

Reading makes you more creative. When you are reading something such as a novel, you keep on thinking about how things will go in the end. You create your own storyline and regardless of whether the author thinks like you or not, every twist makes everything so much better. Even when you decide to read an inspirational book, you get challenged and you start thinking beyond your comfort zone.

When you read, your self-image improves incredibly.

To sum it up, reading yields rich dividends, and that’s a fact which cannot be questioned.

With all this in mind, how do you plan on improving your reading skills this summer holidays?

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