Looking For A Tutor? Read This Before You Hire

A tutor is anyone who helps another individual to learn the material that he is trying to understand. This is a term used for a professional who explains the subject in an informal setting and explains the concepts on a one to one basis.

A tutor is mostly used in cases where individuals are not able to keep pace with the other students in school and need special instructions to bridge the gap.

Tutoring is a job that requires paying special attention to an individual, and through tutoring is a verb that refers to the act of giving instructions, a tutor remains a person teaching a student on a one to one basis.

The following is a highlight of who a tutor is:

  • TUTORS provide individual one to one tuition. They can tailor the lessons to the students’ learning style.
  • Tutors can present information in several different ways or methods to help the student grasp concepts.
  • Students often lead the way with tutors, they request help with specific tasks or assignments. Tutors help fill in the gaps.
  • Tutors reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.
  • Teachers teach a subject but tutors pay attention to the students individual needs.
  • Tutors can help students with STUDY SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES. If one method does not work they will find another.

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