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Looking To Hire?

As professionals in the education field, we possess the expertise and experience to match the perfect working environment with the right candidate. Through our strong connections with schools and teaching staff, we strive to provide the best education for students. Our services cover all levels of education, from Nursery to Tertiary.

We are committed to delivering high-quality service with unwavering integrity. Whether you need teachers or support staff for short or long-term positions, we guarantee that only the finest educators will be recommended to your school. Our approach is centered around simplicity. We aim to streamline the entire process, allowing us to focus entirely on fulfilling your specific requirements, every single time.

We have qualified Teachers across Nursery, Primary and Secondary education. Find the complete recruitment solution for your school.  


Quality Recruitment for Schools

  • The Highest Standards – Paying quality rates for quality staff
  • Recruiters Who Know Teachers – We listen first, talk second to understand and support your specific needs
  • Fast and Flexible – Whether you need a Head of Maths with SEND experience or a teaching assistant to start tomorrow, we’ll respond immediately and go the extra mile at every stage
  • Easy as A,B,C – Quick, simple registration to get the right support straight away.


FREE consultation

For a FREE consultation or enquiry regarding your schools’ hiring need, please, call directly on our hotline 0246099277. Alternatively, you can check our terms and conditions here or click to chat with us via WhatsApp through:


Submit Your Vacancy

If you’re looking for the best possible teacher to meet your immediate staffing needs, please fill out the quick form – our experienced team will be in touch immediately.

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