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In these past few months, the novel coronavirus has changed the world. It is not only pushing us into a new era, but it is also forcing us to recognize that a new era has already begun.

This new era — driven by the digital revolution— has been sneaking up on us for decades.

COVID 19 has threatens most traditional institutions, like our school system by putting unprecedented power in the hands of individuals. This is what is known as the new normal.

It is true that for decades, the field of education has resisted society’s decentralizing trends.

But now it looks like the coronavirus will serve as the catalyst to help our schools catch up to the decentralizing trends of the larger society.

Education is at a crossroads right now, where the choice is between clinging to old practices and theories or redefining learning. Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools around the world to close, prompting a chaotic scramble to move online and find a way to somehow finish out semesters.

If society is decentralizing, eventually control of our education system will have to decentralize as well. In practical terms, that means giving more control to teachers and parents.

The pandemic has forced millions of teachers, parents and students to try an unplanned and unexpected experiment in homeschooling.

Teachers are learning new ways to connect with students. Parents are facing new questions about what to push and what to let slide. Many students will thrive, others will get by and an untold number will be left behind.

We know that these are challenging times for everyone. And whiles health and safety should be our priority; we shouldn’t forget the education of our kids and even that of ourselves.

Today I want to talk to you about another platform, equally important and best of all free to use for home-schooling.

Take a look at it here:

How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschooling

Copy and paste this link into your browser and find out more.


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