COVID-19 Response – Online Home Tuition

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many schools around the world have been forced to close down. This has forced many to move out and find ways to teach kids online.

Online learning has become a popular choice because of the flexibility it allows in terms of scheduling and location.

This is in response to the world health organization (WHO) directive on social distancing as well as maintaining all the other safety protocols.

With online tuition, students can learn from any location with an internet connection, and sometimes even attend their classes on their own schedules.

Most online programs make use of reading assignments, discussion groups, collaborative peer work, videos and other resources.



Our Online Learning Program

As part of our responds to COVID 19, we at Excellent Home Classes have added online tuition to our services for students of all ages and in all subjects.

Preschool, primary, high school, adult education, test preparation (ie SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, IGSCE) etc.

Our unique programs are designed so that our students can study on their own schedules, wherever they are in the world.

All you need is an internet connection – and you are good to go.



Learning Materials and Textbooks

We go by your child’s curriculum and preferred learning materials and textbooks of choice.


Our tutors will however provide you with academic and research texts, videos and other helpful resources all for free.


Excellent Home Classes also utilizes assignments, quizzes and other supportive materials carefully selected for students.


These revolutionary free resources are an opportunity for students to gain access to a wealth of wisdom that supports and enhances their studies.



A 100% Online Education

Excellent Home Classes uses Zoom to deliver our lessons entirely online.


While it’s not necessary to be physically present in a classroom, students at Excellent Home Classes are part of a strong and lively online academic environment.


Courses are led by qualified instructors who guide and support students throughout each course.


Students also engage with one another through online discussion forums and peer-to-peer reviews in small classes with personal attention.



Individual Coaches, Mentors, and Instructors

Every student is assigned a coach or mentor at the beginning of their lessons at Excellent Home Classes.


Coaches are there to help students succeed in their programs. Ready to answer questions, offer support and give advice, our coaches are a key part of our online system.


In addition, students receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from their instructors.


For each lesson, students have an online learning journal, which is only seen and graded by instructors.


These journals ensure that students have regular, personal access to their instructors and give instructors insight into each individual student’s understanding of the material and their progression in the course.



Working Independently

Students at Excellent Home Classes have the freedom to study according to their own schedules.


Our classrooms can be wherever our students want, so long as there is an internet connection.


Students are provided with self-administered quizzes to help understand course material and prepare for tests.


Students communicate with their instructors through the learning journal and via email, messaging.




Lessons contain different types of quizzes – self-administered quizzes, graded quizzes, and a review quiz.


These quizzes may contain multiple choices, true or false, or short answer questions.



Our System

The moment Excellent Home Classes receives a request via an email or a genuine query call from the parents/students, a database search is initiated by our back office team.


The registered tutor(s) matching the criteria, as specified by the parent and those operating within the area mentioned is/are informed about the requirement via phone call, an email or SMS, along with important student-related information.


Excellent Home Classes will then arrange a meeting with the selected tutor and the parent/student, for an introductory class, as per the convenience of all concerned.




Tuition fees vary from child to child depending on the level and days required.

More detailed information on tuition fees and payments can be found here.



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