Pdfdrive: The 60 Best Alternatives to Pdfdrive

Are you looking for PDF Drive alternatives? So your hunt is over right now!


Numerous online e-book sites have sprung up as a result of the quick expansion of digital reading, and users can search, read, and download their preferred books for free without even having to pay for them.


E-books are electronic books with a sizable library based on a range of subjects, topics, languages, etc.


You should be aware of these details regarding the various e-book platforms if you’re a bookworm and enjoy reading.


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You may search, read, and download PDFs using the online PDF search engine PDF Drive. Currently, approximately 75 million eBooks, magazines, essays, and other publications are available on the website Directly searchable and indexable on PDF Drive.


And it’s not surprising, given that PDF Drive offers books in a wide range of subject areas, such as business & careers, art, environment, health & fitness, lifestyle, and biographies. With the variety offered, you’re sure to find something. There are additional categories like Editor’s Pick and Most Popular that can help you locate something if you’re just browsing and not really looking for anything.


The use of PDF Drive is quite simple. You can manually search for anything or browse and navigate through the categories to get what you’re looking for. Once you locate a book you want to read, just click on it, and PDF Drive will present you with three options:


On the website, view the eBook through a simple pop-up viewing interface. You can access the website where the PDF was first published by selecting the Go to remote file button while the PDF is being previewed.

To save the file to your PC, download it. The chosen PDF viewer will then let you view the file immediately on your computer.

Alternatively, you can click to reveal further options, such as emailing, sending via Kindle, reporting, and converting the PDF to EPUB and MOBI.


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Why choose PDF Drive alternatives?

You might find the advertising that continuously appears on the PDF Drive website annoying.

So, if you’re looking for some alternatives, here are 50 alternatives to PDF Drive where you may download free e-books and PDF files: is it free?

Yes, you can use our online PDF search engine for free. Nevertheless, depending on how frequent a customer you are, PDF Drive provides you with two different sorts of accounts.

Free Account – PDF Drive provides a free account that allows you access to a few extra features and a more customized experience. Once your search is running, each title will appear with a few options and details to help you skim and search more efficiently:

  • information – PDF Drive will display information about the file so you can determine the number of pages, size, and frequency of the material download occurred.
  • Save to My Drive – Clicking this button will save any file to your My Drive list, allowing you to establish a directory with all the PDFs you need nearby.

Preview – Similar to the above, the eBook is viewable on the website via a straightforward pop-up interface. However, if you have a free account and are in preview mode, you have the option to download the PDF by selecting the Quick Download button.

Like – If you like the PDF, you may add it to your list of My Likes so you can easily bookmark and find it again.

Search — When you click the magnifying glass button, PDF Drive will take you to a Google title search page where you may find the document.

either a website where a hard copy can be purchased or other online sites that are relevant to the title.

Additionally, 100 MB of My Drive storage space is included with free memberships, and you can upload your own PDFs to PDF Drive as well as save them to your own private directory.


The following features are included with a premium account in addition to the ones mentioned above and are fairly self-explanatory:


No cap on cloud storage

Experiences that are exclusive Quick Preview & Download

Maximum Download Speeds without Ads

The premium accounts, which are billed on a monthly or annual basis, offer a 7-day free trial.


Lucky for them are mobile users. If you would rather read on the go using a mobile device The PDF Drive app is accessible for Android devices. Downloading it is cost-free.


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How Can I Get Free PDF Books to Download?

Simply click on the download button and save the file to your PC to download PDF books from PDF Drive.


PDF Drive: Is it legal?

The legality of publishing or downloading PDFs is always a crucial issue to solve. By itself, PDF Drive is a service that enables you to download files from the internet through its servers, which mostly function as a proxy.


In other words, they compile the information for you in a convenient location, but they don’t control the information itself. This implies that in order to download the content you are accessing through them, you must be legally able to do so.  at the place.


The data provided is published for general purposes, according to the DMCA disclaimer on PDF Drive, and the company makes no assurances regarding the content itself. They even go as far as to give you the source URL so you can confirm the file’s validity. Visit PDF Drive’s Terms of Service page for additional details.


We do not advocate breaking any copyright laws or illegal downloading; we are only sharing a PDF-related resource. In the end, the decision to use PDF Drive is yours.


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However, before downloading anything, we advise you to always err on the side of caution and double-check those PDF eBook links and the titles for any copyright violation.


  1. Bookbone
  2. Bookyard
  3. Free ebook-net
  4. Google
  5. Internet Archive
  6. Manybooks
  7. Online programming books
  8. Open Culture
  9. Open Library
  10. Smashword
  11. Euroupeana
  12. Read print
  14. Librivox
  15. Authorama
  16. Kupdf
  17. Page by page books
  18. Readanybook
  19. Idoc
  20. Academia
  21. Free kindle books
  22. Smallpdf


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You are now aware of a large number of websites that offer PDF files and e-books. These websites are easily accessible, free, and user-friendly. You no longer have to rely just on PDF Drive in order to enjoy your reading time. With just a few clicks, you may read or download anything you want from one of these many PDF Drive alternatives. Cheers to reading!

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