Preschool: Importance Of Writing Well

Verbal communication would seem to be the most important, as we talk all the time.

However, our written word is what we rely on when we cannot speak.

Be it because of physical, or technical limitation, our written words can be crucial to our survival and success. 

Without proper writing skills, your voice is silent if you aren’t physically present. Your ideas are locked in your head. 

That is why it is important to learn how you can train a child to write.

If your child struggles to form letters, put ideas into words or spell correctly, she’s not alone. 

It’s not uncommon for children to have some kind of trouble with written expression. 

For kids, with this difficulty, they may have one or more of these symptoms present:

• Have messy handwriting
• Writes slowly and painstakingly
• be easily overwhelmed by writing assignments
• Refuse to write or do work that involves writing
• Mix up or leave out words and letters
• Have a poor grasp of spelling and punctuation
• Have trouble putting thoughts on paper

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