Qualities of a Good English Tutor

A good, well-trained tutor can make a huge difference in your education and future.

Highly-effective English tutors should be fresh always, introduce new ideas and changes, experiment with new things and be unique.

1. Have clear objectives

Create a plan.

It is just like using a map while searching a treasure.

It will ensure that you are following the correct path, and
moving in the right direction.

2. Have  a sense of purpose

A teachers shapes 40 generations.

You cannot give your 100% everyday.

But on a scale of 1 to 10, aim to achieve, at least, 8.

3. Do not seek immediate feedback

Teaching is just like gardening.

It takes times, and some dirt, before you see blooming

4. Know when to listen and when to ignore

You cannot please every student.

There is no point in listening and responding to each and
every point raised.

However, it does not mean that you should pay no heed to
them either.

Any point should be answered with,  “hmm… I shall see.”

And if that point needs description say, “The other day you
were telling me to….”

5. Do not try to please everyone


When you are a teacher, you are the boss.

6. Act alone

You are the designer, actuator, judge, jury, and

Create a transparent curriculum so that everyone can clearly
see what is happening.

7. Do not Keep the learning in the classroom

Design lessons so that all learners and their families can
work together.

Do not restrict yourself to what is mentioned in the

Teach, what they can use in their life.

8. Do what you think is best for your students

You are there for the students.,

Your job is to turn them into useful human beings.

You should inspire them to lead a useful life.

9. Learners are books to be written

Learn what is best for students.

Assist them to discover new things on their own.

Teach them to become an autodidact.

10. Teach them to believe in themselves and their abilities

Prepare them for the future.

11. Alter your lesson plans accordingly

Choose new units and lessons.

Choose new authors.

Choose new projects.

Ask experts to give guest-lectures.

You should not keep on teaching the same thing.

Make your lesson plans more useful.

Use authentic material (Newspaper cuttings etc)

12. Ask the students for new ideas

Students know much better about what they want, and what
they need.

Use this knowledge of students to design your lesson plans.

They after delivering the lesson, ask them what else do they

Ask them how can the delivered lesson plan be improved.

Ask them to create a power point presentation of what they
think can improve your lesson plan.

13. Reflect

Reflection is the most powerful of all improvement

Take a look back at what happened.

Ask what learners liked the most.

14. Become the master of your subject

Know your subject like the back of your hand.

Be a continual learner of the methodology of “teaching”.

Keep on learning new things about your subject.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

15. Think out of the box

Milk technology

Use facebook.

Use WhatsApp.

Create Power Point Presentations.

Create audios and make it downloadable.

Use every medium to facilitate learning.

16. Give them emotional support

Students are human beings

take the whole person into account.

At times they will need your emotional support

Connect on an emotional level

Your level will rise from a teacher to a mentor

17. Praise authentically

Catch students doing right things.

Praise them then and there.

Be authentic.

You should know the true capability of your students.

And if your student makes a genuine effort, he must be

18. Communicate with parents

The parents of your students should know you.

They must be able to contact you and vice-versa.

You can use this communication to deliver the most by your

19. Love your work / subject

Do not teach, if you do not love teaching.

Do not teach, if you do not love your subject.

20. Have a positive attitude

Positivity breeds creativity.

Even if they fail believe in their abilities.

Tell them that is okay to fail.

Negative energy sucks creativity

21. Sense Of Humor

You cannot cultivate it

You have it or you don’t.

If you have it, teaching will be lot more easier

22. Adapt To Student Needs

There is no panacea.

What works for one, will kill another.

You have to keep on changing to suit the needs of the

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