Children Learning Reading

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What’s Included:
   You get 32 Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons
(That’s ONLY $1.21 per lesson!) Plus, you also get…
   Flashcards And Lesson Printouts – Hit “Print” and You’re Ready to Teach!
   Lesson Videos Showing How I Teach The Lessons.
   MP3 Audios For All The Phonics Sounds Taught.
   Fun Lesson Activities and Beautifully Illustrated Lesson Storybooks.
   Super Fun and Engaging Phonics Games To Make The Learning FUN and Stress Free. These are games/activities I use in my reading classes.
   Extra Bonus: Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes Book – contains 35 fun to read rhymes.

Veteran Reading Teacher Reveals The Proven Formula That Enables Any Parent To Easily Teach Their Child To Become An Amazing Reader
Having it… Gives Children the Skill And Confidence to Succeed And Achieve Full Potential.

Not Having it… Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Struggles With Reading And Underachievement…


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