ISEE & SSAT Test Prep System


Your Child Will Receive Countless Benefits With Our Test Prep System

Discover the most coveted ISEE & SSAT test-taking secrets that will maximize your child’s test scores
Step by step techniques for writing “The Perfect Essay” that will WOW the school selection committee
Hundreds of interactive sample questions for actual ISEE and SSAT practice – immediate online access
Our online videos and questions have been prepared by test prep experts ensuring your child is getting the RIGHT information
Over 8 hours of instructor directed learning by prominent test prep tutors. 20 Online video lessons
Dramatically increase your childs confidence levels before their admissions exam
Every question answered by our experts in detail so that your child understands the concepts and can apply it to other problems
Over 500 interactive questions covering Math, Reading Comprehension, Analogies, Synonyms, Sentences and Vocabulary
Students who gain admission to private schools go on to the top colleges and stronger career paths
Our system is based on releases of actual exams so you know your child is getting the most up to date preparation
Vital strategies in time management that will allow them to successfully answer more questions
low, low price point that makes elite tutoring available for any budget
And much, much, much more…

Every Year 4 Out Of 5 Students Are Rejected From Competitive Private School Admissions
Don’t Let Your Child Be One Of Them
Discover The System That 1000’s of Students are Already Using to Raise Their ISEE Test & SSAT Test Scores

If acing the ISEE/SSAT exam and getting into a private or independent school is important to you and your child then I suggest you absorb every single word on this webpage…

Every year millions of parents attempt to get their children into private school and it’s no secret that admissions are getting harder and harder all the time. Schools only want the best and brightest students and because of the large amount of applicants, they can afford to be choosy. In fact, its become so competitive that only 1 out of every 5 students who apply will be accepted. This means that a shocking 80% of students are rejected.

Let’s face it, an average score on the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test will NOT be enough to get you into these competitive schools. You really need to excel on these crucial tests and you only have one chance to do it.

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