Supervision and Monitoring of Lessons – Day 4

This is day 4 of our five days training specially design for our area coordinators.

We have already talked about the history behind Excellent Home Classes, who an area coordinator is, the roles, qualities needed and how much you can earn.

We have also looked at marketing, customer service as well as email response and also how to deal with difficult clients.


If you’ve not yet read this, I suggest you start from here:


Day 1 – Introduction

Day 2 – Marketing: How to source for students, parents and tutors

Day 3 – Administrative Support: How to answer phone calls and deal with clients queries.


In this lesson, we are looking at how to supervise and monitor lessons.  




Supervision and Monitoring


The ability to manage, lead and supervise students during the learning process is an essential component of effective tutoring and learning.


For home tuition to work, coordinators must be able to establish order, discipline and professionalism.


This requires him/her to have the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary.


He/she must be able to establish rapport with the tutors, students and their parents.


Involve tutors and students in the processes of establishing ground rules for behavior and holding them accountable for their actions, manage transitions (i.e change of tutors), motivate students to maximize time-on-task, supervise students in their learning activities and lastly deal with difficult tutor’s as well as students effectively.


This lesson is expected to help area coordinators to master these key roles in ensuring discipline and order in the learning process.



Key Roles


  1. Mentoring and providing tuition support for beginning tutors.
  2. Bringing individual tutors up to minimum standards of effective tutoring.
  3. Improving individual tutor’s competencies, no matter how proficient they are deemed to be.
  4. Working with tutors in a collaborative effort to improve student learning.
  5. Working with tutors to adapt the school curriculum to the needs of the student.




Supervision of Tutors

When a tutor is offered a tuition appointment, he/she will be given an attendance sheet which contains the following details:



Tutors Name

Parent/student Name

Date for lesson

Starting time for lessons

Ending time for lessons

Duration for lessons

Tutors signature

Student/parent signature

Lesson for the day



Take a look at the image below and see how it looks like:





This attendance sheet must be recorded daily and the details submitted online for approval.





As a coordinator you will have to be checking your tutor’s attendance daily to make sure that lessons are conducted as schedule.



Here is a spread sheet of these entries:





Whenever a tutor forgets to submit his/her entries you will have to find out why.


For days that the lessons were rescheduled or postponed, tutor will have to still fill the form and indicate the purpose for which the lesson was rescheduled and when that lesson will be taken.


It is important to note here that, a student can reschedule lessons by given at least 24 hours’ notice to the tutor.


Likewise a tutor can also reschedule his or lesson by given the student/parent 24 hours’ notice.


The new date for the lesson must be agreed upon and confirmed by both parties before rescheduling can be approved.


Tutors must always notify the coordinator for any new changes.



Monitoring of lessons


Monitoring helps to provide discipline to both tutors and students.


Sometimes the presence of a tutor in a supervisory role is enough, but careful monitoring guarantees the best performance from the learners and provides the most instructive feedback for the tutor as well.


As a coordinator, from time to time you will have to be visiting students in their homes to see how lessons are going.


To do this, you will first have to alert the parent or student of the day you intend to come for monitoring, the time and how long the session will take.


Also it is important to alert the tutor and to get him/her inform ahead of time.




Form Of Identification


You may need to show some form of identification before parents will allow you into their house.


This identification may include:


Valid ID card (Voters ID, passport, driver’s licence)

Passport picture

Ssnit Card, etc.




Things To Look Out For


When monitoring for lessons, these are the things to look out for: 


Tutors dressing: No dressing code but must be professional.

Tutor attendance sheet: Must be well filled and signed by both tutor and parent/student.

Books of students: Homeworks and assignments given by the tutor.

Tutoring approach: How lesson is conducted

Class control: Discipline during lessons

Student participation during lessons

Remarks from parent/guardian: Speak to them and get their comment concerning the lessons.



Here is how your monitoring form will look like.



As part of monitoring, you will have to from time to time call parents and students on phone to find out more about the lessons and how things are going on.


You will also have to be visiting the house from time to time to speak with parent one on one to understand what their needs are and also to see if there are any issues to address.


Where there is an issue to be solved then solve it immediately.



Other Resources


Terms and conditions for tutors

Terms and conditions for parents

Models of Teacher Supervision





Click here and complete your assignment for this lesson.



Coming up next

Day 5 – Conclusion and getting started

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