Needs A Home Tutor

Why Your Child Needs A Tutor Now More Than Ever

Needs A Tutor? Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted our entire education system. Governments in many countries not long ago announced the closure of all schools. This has impacted millions of students worldwide.   While school closures will help in keeping children healthy and slow the curve of the virus, it also interrupts children’s studies, social interaction, and academic progress...
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What are the differences between a Montessori and traditional preschool education?

Do you know that there are differences between Montessori and traditional preschool education?     If you are new to Montessori education, this may sound very strange to you.   Below are few things that differentiate Montessori from the traditional preschool education.   Timing In Montessori classrooms, the teachers try as much as possible to avoid interruptions to the...
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Why Montessori Education Is The Surest Way To Success

The Montessori education is a method of education which is focused on fostering a hands-on, self-paced, collaborative and a child-cantered learning.     It takes the view that children are naturally eager to learn, and are capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of knowledge through experiences in their environment.   In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in...
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