British vs. American English

Although they are the same language, British and American English have some major differences. Click here and download our special report for free.. Even though both are acceptable on the IELTS test, it can be confusing and overwhelming when learning English. Here are some of the more common differences between British and American English.   Vocabulary British and American English have...
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private tutor

Private Tutor | Looking for a tutor near you?

A private tutor provides one-on-one instruction to help students achieve their academic or personal learning goals. They work with students on specific subjects, especially the ones they’re struggling with, or to prepare for exams. In contrast, teachers are employed by schools or academic institutions to focus on academic instruction for larger groups of students spanning all ages, from...
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Qualities of a Good English Tutor

A good, well-trained tutor can make a huge difference in your education and future. Highly-effective English tutors should be fresh always, introduce new ideas and changes, experiment with new things and be unique. 1. Have clear objectives Create a plan. It is just like using a map while searching a treasure. It will ensure that you are following the correct path, andmoving in the right...
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Find A Private Tutor In Your Area

“Excellent Home Classes" provides effective one to one home tuition for students of all ages and in all subjects.  BENEFITS OF REGISTERING WITH US There are absolutely no hidden costs involved.There is no lock in contract involving full upfront payment.A wider database of tutors giving you more choices.Quality assured by our panel of expert subject matter specialists.If you are...
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