There are several ways that you can find a “home tutor” in Ghana but the question is whether your option will provide you with the perfect choice you want. Below are few things to consider before choosing a tutor: Well qualified tutor, according to subject. How well the teacher can explain certain topic that student can easily understand. Teachers timings should be punctual and regular which...
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Where Can You Find A Tutor?

Are you looking for a tutor for yourself or your child?   If so then, this question of where to get a tutor has probably crossed your mind. Perhaps, you don't know where to start searching for a tutor.   The following are six helpful places to find your idea tutor.     Connect with the School Your child's school will have information on where to find tutors, both through the...
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Looking For A Tutor? Read This Before You Hire

A tutor is anyone who helps another individual to learn the material that he is trying to understand. This is a term used for a professional who explains the subject in an informal setting and explains the concepts on a one to one basis. A tutor is mostly used in cases where individuals are not able to keep pace with the other students in school and need special instructions to bridge the gap....
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