IELTS Grammar

IELTS Grammar Exercises: Future Forms

Welcome back! In this last post of our IELTS Grammar Exercises series, you’ll be able to practice using future forms. As you may already know, there are different ways to talk about the future in English. Each future form suggests a specific intention or attitude towards the future, which is why it is important that you are familiar with the different structures used to talk about future...
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Why Only 5% of Students Are Getting Better Grades

Education is undoubtedly one of the most precious gifts any parents can ever give to a child. But research has shown that out of 100 students only 5 gets better grades. In this post my goal is to show you why this is so and also help you to know how you can get yourself or your child to be among this 5%. Today due to increasing competition in examinations and the cut-off required for getting...
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Needs A Home Tutor

Why Your Child Needs A Tutor Now More Than Ever

Needs A Tutor? Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted our entire education system. Governments in many countries not long ago announced the closure of all schools. This has impacted millions of students worldwide.   While school closures will help in keeping children healthy and slow the curve of the virus, it also interrupts children’s studies, social interaction, and academic progress...
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Online Tuition-All Subjects & All Levels-Call/Whatsapp: 0501457284

In these past few months, the novel coronavirus has changed the world. It is not only pushing us into a new era, but it is also forcing us to recognize that a new era has already begun. This new era — driven by the digital revolution— has been sneaking up on us for decades. COVID 19 has threatens most traditional institutions, like our school system by putting unprecedented power...
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Would Your Child Benefit From Home Tuition?

Because of COVID 19 and it crises, many parents today are considering home tuition as a way of supporting kids from home especially in this times that most schools are still closed.   Many parents are looking for In-home tuition that is where tutors meet face to face with students whiles others are looking for online tuition where tutors meet with students online using applications like zoom...
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Home Tuition: 8 Reasons Why It Works

Home tuition simply put is a kind of tuition that occurs at home. In most cases the tuition relates to an academic subject, a skill improvement or test preparation. The teaching in schools alone has become insufficient for kids. That is why, more and more parents are now giving extra learning support at home in the form of tutoring.   Records have shown that, the number of parents searching...
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Why Home Tuition Is Gaining Popularity In Ghana

Have you ever wondered why most educators are most concern of Singapore’s education? Singaporeans commit strongly to the educational achievement and focus greatly on educational excellence. The role of private tuition or home tuition along with the high education system is responsible for the overall success of the Singaporean students. Therefore, Singapore topped the PISA rankings in...
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What Is Home Tuition?

Home tuition in simple terms is the kind of tuition that occurs at home. In most cases the tuition relates to an academic subject, a skill improvement or test preparation. The best gift any parent can give a child is a good education. Because of this, many parents make every effort to ensure that their children get the right tuition at the right place and time. Teaching in schools alone has...
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Looking For A Tutor? Read This Before You Hire

A tutor is anyone who helps another individual to learn the material that he is trying to understand. This is a term used for a professional who explains the subject in an informal setting and explains the concepts on a one to one basis. A tutor is mostly used in cases where individuals are not able to keep pace with the other students in school and need special instructions to bridge the gap....
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How To Get A Good Private Tutor For Homeschooling

Most homeschool families teach their children from home until certain conditions are met. Some parents stop once they believe they are no longer qualified to teach. Others, on the other hand, may enroll the kids in the public education and still employ a private tutor at home, others wait until they believe their children have matured enough to handle the social pressure, influences, and other...
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