Discover the secret for getting better grades

"Click2Sell is an authorized reseller of "    Are you wondering why kids dumber than your child are getting better grades? The brand new How To Identify Your Child’s Learning Style is now available to download in text PDF. This complete guide will show you exactly what is involve in getting good grades at school. It will also help you know what we call learning style of your child. If...
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What are the differences between a Montessori and traditional preschool education?

Do you know that there are differences between Montessori and traditional preschool education?     If you are new to Montessori education, this may sound very strange to you.   Below are few things that differentiate Montessori from the traditional preschool education.   Timing In Montessori classrooms, the teachers try as much as possible to avoid interruptions to the...
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Find A Private Tutor In Your Area

“Excellent Home Classes" provides effective one to one home tuition for students of all ages and in all subjects.  BENEFITS OF REGISTERING WITH US There are absolutely no hidden costs involved.There is no lock in contract involving full upfront payment.A wider database of tutors giving you more choices.Quality assured by our panel of expert subject matter specialists.If you are...
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Top 5 Ways Of Teaching A First Grade Child At Home

Most first grade kids will start not to like school at this age if they feel that they're not smart or that they're not doing well, so give your child extra doses of support at this stage. First graders are able to talk more about their feelings, so be sure to listen and help out if your child gets discouraged. Here are the important learning milestones children will typically go through in...
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