The Role of Parents

As we have said earlier, children go through series of developmental stages.

These stages are very important to all aspects of their personhood including physical, intellectual, emotional and social life.  

The proper role of the parent then is to provide encouragement, support, and access to activities that will enable the child to master specific key developmental tasks.

A parent therefore, is the child’s first teacher and should remain their best friend throughout life.  

Playing the role of a coach, the parent exposes a child to age-appropriate challenges and encourages development as well as experiences that allow the child to explore on their own and learn from interacting with their environment.

One of the reasons why it is not easy for anyone to raise a child is that, they don’t come with guidelines or instructions. What they do come with is a crucial set of physical and emotional needs that must be met.

Failure of the parents to meet these specific needs can have wide-ranging and long-lasting negative effects on the child.

The following outline eight essential needs that parents must meet in order to foster their child’s physical and/or emotional well-being: 

1. Provide an environment that is SAFE.

2. Provide the child with BASIC NEEDS.

3. Provide the child with SELF-ESTEEM NEEDS.

4. Teach the child MORALS and VALUES.

5. Develop MUTUAL RESPECT with the child.

6. Provide DISCIPLINE which is effective and appropriate.

7. Involve yourself in the child’s EDUCATION.

8. Get to KNOW the CHILD.

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