Five things I wish I had known before working

Are you working or about to start working? If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, then this is your dream come true.


This is a life transforming book, developed with the intention of pointing the way to career success and personal improvement.

It’s a true account of the author’s experience and lessons learnt out of those experience.

Listing and explaining these lessons is the purpose of this book. In this book,

I have brought together the success stories of many of my fellow colleagues, friends and other great life achievers.

You will find out. . .

  • How a fellow worker went from being broke to earning substantial income from rental properties.
  • How an ordinary janitor transformed himself to become a multimillionaire having stock holdings and properties worth $8 million dollars.
  • How two frustrated young ladies turned their limitations around and become successful business partners.
  • How an ordinary driver moved from earning a low income to becoming his own boss.
  • How a lady fired her boss and managed to get a better job at which she was paid more.
  • How an ordinary clerk transformed himself to become the manager of a newly installed plant.
  • How a young lady was able to build a multi-million small-scale enterprise just from a little savings.
  • How a young man moved from being laid off to setting up a beautiful office in town – using a mobile phone.
  • How a 68 years old retired army officer, went from living off his pension to making over $300 million dollars just by using a simple recipe.

This book is specifically written for workers, students, unemployed graduate, people approaching retirement and all those who want to maximize their personal potentials in exchange for the hours, weeks, month, and years of their precious lives that they invest in their careers.


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Any one of these lessons can save you months and even years of hard work if you have not been living and working consistently with it up to now.

And each of these lessons is indispensable to your realizing your full potential. The consistent violation of any one of these lesson can cost you months and even years of frustration and underachievement.

Some of the lessons may seem simplistic or self-evident. Some repeat themselves in different ways in different categories. As you read, take a few moments with each lesson and honestly evaluate your own conduct and behavior with regards to that lesson.

One insight or new idea that you did not have before can be all that it takes to change the direction of your life.

When you apply these five lessons and live your life in harmony with them, you will gain a distinct advantage over those who do not. You will enjoy levels of success and satisfaction you may never have imagined possible. You will accomplish more in few months or years than many people accomplish in a lifetime.

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