12 Well Known Montessori Schools In Ghana

Ghana has been endowed with a number of Montessori schools located and spread all over the country.


Montessori School


These schools focus on hands-on, collaborative and a child-cantered learning as oppose to the traditional method of learning.


Kids learn through activities and are guided by qualify and well train teachers.


They learn at their own pace and are not dictated to about what should or should not be done.



Below you will find a list of our top 12 Montessori schools you should know in Ghana.



  1. Faith Montessori

Faith Montessori School was established by Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Amoo-Gottfried in April, 1988.


The school first started off as a nursery at their Independence Avenue residence at Ridge, Accra.


Within just four years of its inception, the school proved to be so huge a success that it experienced massive growth in pupils’ intake, staff recruitment and facility expansion.


In 1995, Faith Montessori School was thus forced to relocate to the heart of the city — Kanda where a Primary division was added.


In later years, the booming population of mainland Accra coupled with the soaring academic success of the school necessitated yet another movement; this time to the expansive and serene environment of Gbawe, which has served as its present home since January 1995.


Secondary programmes for the Junior High School (then Junior Secondary School) and International College (University of Cambridge I.G.C.S.E) commenced in September 1997 and in September 2002 the Cambridge A-Level Certificate programme was initiated.


With a controlled student population of 660 students, the school proudly ensures that every student who gets admitted into the FAITH Family considers himself/herself extremely fortunate. Our Student–Teacher ratio of 13:1 guarantees that students get the maximum attention and support needed at all times.


The rigorous and challenging FAITH curricula are especially tailored to embrace the diverse and multicultural backgrounds of our students.


The school pays particular attention to the special needs of students and provides the necessary support and incentives for academic success as well as personal development.


Indeed, students would find studying at Faith very stimulating, competitive and rewarding.


Check out their website here:



  1. Hillview Montessori

Hillview Montessori is a unique, independent school founded by individuals with a vision of excellent supervisory Montessori education.


Established in 2004, the School aims to inculcate the rich ethos of life such as integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, with an understanding of humanism.


The aims, philosophies and even the facilities reflect the heritage of the school and the vision of its founders.


Check them here:




  1. Startrite Montessori

Startrite Montessori School was conceived as a private teaching and learning facility by a couple (Prof. and Mrs Quartey) who recognized with passion, the stress of finding the right educational facility for children and also child care for professional parents returning to work.


The thought of leaving behind one’s offspring with ‘not-too-sure’ child minders often saddens the heart of working parents.


Having lived and worked in Britain and also after considerable review of the child care system in Ghana, the directors recognized the urgent need to provide a not too large but quality child care facility for mothers returning to work and also for children born to professional parents.


It is against this background that Startritre was established. Situated at New Bortianor near Trouselina Roofing sheets on the Mallam-Kasoa Road, Startrite provides a serene environment for educating your child using the Montessori system.


It combines activities, video and computer games with classroom lessons to develop all the different parts of your child’s brain which most traditional schools have woefully failed to do..


Check their website here:




  1. Beautiful Beginning Montessori

Beautiful Beginning Montessori (BBM), a center for excellence is an independent, coeducational day school serving Ghanaian communities in the national’s capital, Accra.


Founded in September 2003, BBM aimed at employing integrated child total development concept through the introduction of a trans disciplinary programme of education designed for 2-17years old.


These programmes focus on the development of the whole child encompassing academic, social, emotional and cultural development.

The BBM educational approach reflects the increasingly globalized interconnected society in which we live, giving students a world prospective in mathematics, the sciences, ICT, languages (English, French, Ghanaian Language and Twi), literature and the arts.

Based on the firm belief that every child is an individual with the potential for excellence, we have instituted measures to guarantee the successful delivery of the educational programme:


Check out their website here:





  1. Westfield Montessori School 

Established in the year 2002, Westfield School (formerly Tweenies Montessori School) aims at offering your child the highest quality of education.


Preschool uses the Maria Montessori Method of teaching whiles the Primary department uses the Ghana Education Service Curriculum together with the British Curriculum.


However, JHS department focuses only on the BECE examination.


The educational philosophy behind the Westfield School programme is based on the pillars of Responsibility, Discipline, Excellence, Morality, Leadership and Integrity all centered on a solid foundation of Christian values.

Through the school’s unique course of study and extra-curricular programmes, your child will be exposed to a world-class learning environment, learn from a diverse group of children and teachers.


They graduate as a well-educated individual equipped with all the essential qualities and skills necessary to face the world.


Check their website here:




  1. Julce’s Montessori School

The birth of Julce’s Montessori School (JMS) was by Imelda Hamenoo.


The idea of establishing an authentic Montessori school in Ghana was first conceived upon entering a Montessori school in an affluent area of North London in the UK 20 years ago.


The Montessori method proved to be a more integral approach for educating our children in Ghana.


The Montessori education system for children under 6 years of age gives your child the best opportunity to develop their innate potential.


This was our first school in Accra and we will not stop until we make it available to more children in this beautiful and rapidly developing country.


Check their website here:




  1. Dayspring Montessori International

Dayspring Montessori International School, which was started in the backyard of Mr. Daniel Ofori, one of the Directors of the school.


Thirteen pupils were enrolled in Nurseries one, two and three. The school was headed by Mrs. Constance Eli, wife of one of the Directors at the time. There were three teachers and two attendants.


The school grew fairly rapidly and in 1997, three classrooms were moved to a temporary classroom block in Mr. Kwame Agyapon-Ntra’s residence. September 1997 also marked the beginning of Kindergarten and five pupils were enrolled.


In September 1998, the school needed more space so a private house within the Dansoman community was bought and remodeled to accommodate the increasing population of pupils.


Check their website here:




  1. Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House is Accra’s premier Montessori Nursery School purpose- built and was accredited by The Montessori Centre International (MCI) in 2002.


There are two light and airy open-plan classrooms stocked with carefully prepared and positioned activities on shelves to encourage your child’s curiosity and love for learning for the children.


Under the watchful eyes of highly trained and caring teachers and assistants, children explore and learn using audio, visual, and kinesthetic senses.

The Montessori Philosophy governs the teaching style and processes and they also incorporate some activities to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


The EYFS is a core UK Government document which sets statutory standards for the learning, development and care of young children. It supports a cohesive approach to early learning and care.

Ongoing assessments are at the heart of the practice.


Check their website here:



  1. Little Explorers Montessori Plus

The Little Explorers opened its doors in 2007, when 2 passionate Montessorians, Karine McVeigh and Kamilla Kirpalani, dared to dream to create the 1st true accredited Montessori school in West-Africa.


What started in the back yard of a house, with only 12 students, soon grew to become one of the best early years schools in Ghana.


In 2009, Little Explorers gained its UK Accreditation from the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board, for which it acquired a Grade 1.


In May 2017 it renewed its accreditation for the 3rd time.


Little Explorers is currently home to 195 pupils from 36 different countries, aging from 15 months to 6½ years old!


Check their website here:




  1. Oasis Montessori Schools

Oasis is a well in the dessert. It has another meaning as a situation that is so different from its surrounding especially in a comforting way and that is what we stand for.


We are therefore poised to offer to the children, something unique yet in a comforting and loving way.


Locate us at 5th Avenue, GREDA Estates, Teshie – Nungua , Accra.


Check their website here:




  1. God’s Grace International Montessori School

From the moment you enter the gates at God’s Grace International, you will realise what an extraordinary school this is. One that succeeds academically.


At God’s Grace International School, Our mission is to work with parents and the community to promote the overall growth and development of each child; namely academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that he/she will become a productive, healthy, well-adjusted and well-behaved member of the society.


At God’s Grace International School, we recognize the imperative of imparting an educational experience that is world-class in every respect and which prepares children for global citizenship.


We are a school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul; a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values.


We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and strength of character.


Check their website here:



  1. Rainbow Montessori School

Rainbow Montessori International School (RMIS) is a private institution established under the Montessori philosophy for its early childhood and preschool education.


The philosophy of the school is based on supporting the complete development of the child as they progress from birth to adulthood. It takes the broad vision of education as an aid for life.


As a way of teaching, the school offers the view that knowledge is not passively gained by listening to words.


Rather, it is gained through experiences in the surrounding environment.


Therefore, the method of teaching at Rainbow centers on the approach of a prepared classroom to inspire children towards a life-long love of learning.


At RMIS, the prepared classroom covers well structured, ordered, freedom of movement and freedom of choice for each child or category of children between 1-6 years of age.


Within this structured space, children learn through hands-on experiences.


What are relevant at Rainbow are the beautifully made learning materials that children work with to make independent learning discoveries.


With Rainbow experience, the children are guided in their learning by the teachers, who act as the link between the children, and the prepared environment.


At RMIS, our teacher’s role is to prepare the classroom, and observe and guide their students in their learning.


As a result, children progress at their own pace, according to their own abilities.


The main philosophy of Rainbow Montessori International School therefore is to ensure that children learn to develop concentration, self-discipline, and a love of learning through a blend of an integrated Montessori environment for its Early Years Learning Program (EYLP) and Ghana Education Service structured system for its lower primary school education and beyond.


At RMIS, Early Years Learning Program applies the Montessori way of teaching to help children achieve their full potential.


We value each child as an individual, we empower our students to become confident, and motivate them to become independent learners!


This alludes to the realization of our motor ‘‘Dream, Believe and Motivate to Success’’


Check their website here:



Which other Montessori school do you know that is not mention in the list above?


Leave a comment below.

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