Top five reasons why kids should go back to school

The closed of schools due to novel coronavirus has cause problems as many school system around the world are struggling to educate students.

Some go by giving them work packets; others shifting to online lessons and a few providing other virtual resources.

This is all necessary and appropriate, as school leaders struggle to deal with this pandemic.

But let’s not forget that while virtual schooling can play an important role in the education of many students, most online lessons are a poor substitute for in-person schooling.

School leaders will be the first to tell you this.

There are a many reasons however why this is the case.

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Let us take a look at 5 of these reasons:

Lack the infrastructure

Most school systems lack the infrastructure, materials, or expertise to teach virtually. Indeed, research has shown that a lot of schools are still not providing any instruction.

Access to technology

Millions of children don’t have access to technology at home. For example, in  Nevada, the nation’s fifth-largest district, estimates that 72,000 of its 320,000 students still lack connectivity, even after the district purchased 46,000 devices.

Unprepared for the task

Vast numbers of teachers feel ill-equipped for the challenge. An expert report noted few couple of weeks that 57% of teachers say they don’t feel prepared to “facilitate remote learning” and just one in five said school leaders were providing guidance on how to proceed.

Limited appetite

Children have a limited appetite for hours of computer-driven instruction. In an unsurprising finding, Kaplan has reported that 71% of parents worry that kids working remotely are “distracted from their schoolwork by social media apps and video games.

Lack of qualification

Working parents feel squeezed, out-of-work parents have to worry about educating their kids while figuring out how to pay rent, millions of kids are stuck in unsafe home environments, and teens are showing a reluctance to abide by social distancing guidelines, which seem endless. And, of course, it’s tough for communities and local economies to regain anything like a normal rhythm until kids are physically attending school.

For all of these reasons, it’s imperative for schools to reopen as soon as is safely possible.


Going back to school especially within this pandemic period is not an easy task for parents.

I hope these reasons will help you in your decision for sending your child to school.

Do you have any other reason why you think kids must go back to school? Let us here from you in the comment space below.

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