Training For Area Coordinators

This training is for people who want to improve education in their local community or area. It has been divided into five lessons with each lesson covered in a day.

The following are the details for what you will be leaning.


Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Sourcing for students, parents and tutors

Day 3 – How to answer phone calls and provide administrative support
Day 4 – Monitoring and supervision of lessons
Day 5 – Conclusion and getting started


Day 1 – Introduction

This is day 1 of our 5 days training specially design for our area coordinators.
In this lesson, we are going to look at the history behind Excellent Home Classes, what we believe in and what the area coordinator job entails.


Excellent Home Classes began with the simple idea that the classroom education is simply not enough for enhancing the learning potentials of students.

We believe that each child is different and the way a child is taught can affect his/her potential.

It is because of this that is why the idea of building a tutoring model that acknowledges the unique learning style of individuals was revolutionize.

Our Immediate success among student and families who formally struggle with the rigid educational system has motivated us to share this model with student all over the country.

We are offering an area coordinator job that fulfils our commitment to building a team of passionate leaders who could work with us together to support personalized education.

Area coordinator

Your role as an area coordinator will include:

  1. Responding to inquiries and requests via email and phone
  2. Liaise with parents to find out their requirements
  3. Liaise directly with tutors, interview, shortlist and match the right tutor to our client.
  4. Confirm parent acceptance of the tutor and provide administrative support.
  5. Send payment reminders and follow up to know payment status.
  6. Visit client house or tuition place from time to time to know how lessons are going.
  7. Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and tutors.
  8. Keeping documents updated

Qualities We Are Looking For

Thirst For Excellence
We believe that while skills can be taught, work ethic cannot be forced. You are responsible in ensuring you maintain a strong work ethic, remaining committed each and every day to fulfill or even surpass what is expected of you – for instance, serving customers promptly and adequately. While we have various systems in place to monitor our coordinators, we are still placing our trust that you will be a responsible, diligent and committed coordinator.

In Excellent Home Classes, we have a culture of excellence. We demand that our coordinators give their best effort to give the best service and always strive to surpass their own achievements. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the others.


Highly Organised
The tuition coordinating process of receiving tutor requests, prospecting clients, finding tutors, recommending, and confirming any tuition assignments is an intricate one. For instance, receiving phone calls to recommending tutors should not take more than 24 hours. You are required to follow-up with parents every 24 hours if they have not replied to your recommended tutors. You shall confirm the assignment asap and finalize any admin data required.

Making mistakes WILL cost us time, money, and most important, our reputation. Furthermore, you will be handling a large number of assignments as our coordinator. Hence, being highly organized is an important trait to be a tuition coordinator in Excellent Home Classes.


Customer Service Communication
As the front-line representing Excellent Home Classes, you are expected to uphold professionalism at all times in your communication with clients and tutors. Being rude or unprofessional to our clients or tutors is a big no-no.

You must be courteous, professional and helpful to customers. Some customers can be rude or demanding, but you must be able to contain your own anger, act patiently and professional, and know how to handle them. Of course, there are plenty of friendly customers who are a joy to serve. You will also be interacting with tutors a lot (mostly via sms or short phone calls).


Sales Experience
Sales is big part of what we do. “If we can’t sell them, we can’t help them”. That’s what we believe in. Candidates who have sales experience are highly preferred.


How Much Can You Earn?

This is a high commission recurring income partnership. You’ll be paid 20% of each student tuition fee.

That is if a student is paying tuition fees of GHC 1000/month, 20% is GHC 200 for that particular student.

Assuming you have 10 students that’s GHC 2,000

For 20 students that’s GHC 4,000

For 30 students that’s GHC 6,000

For 40 students that’s GHC 8,000

For 50 students you’re getting GHC 10,000

And remember, there are no limits to the number of students you can have. As far as we are concern, you can have as many students as you so wish.

This is also a recurring commission, which means that as long as the student is with us, you’ll continue to enjoy this income every month.


Other Resources

Students and parent:


Terms and conditions for parents:

Terms and conditions for tutors:


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Day 2 – Marketing: How To Source For Students, Parents And Tutors.

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