Both tuition center learning and private home tuition have become an important part of almost every student’s learning journey.

This is due to the ever increasing of marking schemes on standardized exams and the frequent changes in syllabus and academic curriculums at school.

Parents are under a great pressure today, in making the right choice to ensure they’re getting the best help they need.

Whiles general tuition may help a student get a leg up to better his or her grades,

A well plan and a careful choice in the type of tuition required will make a big difference in the academic future of the child.

One question that is frequently asked by most parents’ is whether to send the child to a tuition center or to sign him up for home tuition.

And this is what this post is all about.

Before we answer that though, let’s look at the differences between tuition center learning and home tuition, advantages and disadvantages and what to look for before making a decision.

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What is tuition center learning?

Tuition center is a place where a tutor works with a specific number of students.

The learning received from tuition centers usually takes the form of a classroom setting.

Tuition center learning have turned out to be more well known, particularly for students getting ready for competitive exams like sat, toefl, ielts, gre, gmat, igsce, wassce, bece, etc.

Advantages of joining a tuition center

• Tuitions center learning is perfect for quick learners or those with extraordinary grasping power.

• One other advantage of joining a tuition center is the combined or collaborative study approach of learning.  That is the students can discuss problems, find solutions, and work together as team.

Disadvantages of joining tutoring center

• Most tuition centers have a full or congested learning environment.

In addition to this, many students studying in the same classroom may reduce the focus and affect the progress.

• It is hard to obtain the personalized attention of tutors in a tuition center.

• Students who are introvert and feel shy to ask their doubts neither get their problems resolved nor can the tutor recognize and address them.

• Here, parents cannot watch and monitor the improvement of their kid. They remain uninformed about the development.

• Students who have weak grasping power may need extra attention which cannot be obtained in group tuitions. Moreover, they might expect specific guidance or a different method of teaching which is almost unachievable in this type of tutoring.

• Slow learners may face numerous difficulties such as dealing with the speed of teaching, asking the same doubts multiple times.

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What is home tuition?

Home tuition is a form of tuition that takes place in the home.

It usually involves one-to-one interaction between a tutor and a student.

The tutor can take more time to clarify any doubt that student may have before moving on.

Observing your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses also allows the tutor to explain concepts in a way your child will certainly understand.

Advantages of joining home tuition

• Home tuition approach has proven to be extremely useful for slow learners.

• This options is perfect for kids who need extra attention and are behind in the school.

• The personalized attention and one-to-one interaction also help the tutor to identify the weak points of the child.

• The most significant advantage of home tuition is that parents can observe and monitor the growth of the child. Parents can stay in touch with a tutor and ask for the necessary feedback.

• Also, depending on your child’s abilities, a tutor can create a unique study plan, use concept mapping, and follow it throughout the school year.

Disadvantages of joining home tuition

• The only downside of home tuition is the lack of group studies.

Group studies, sometimes, prove to be beneficial as students discuss complicated problems together and find the solution.

Make the right choice

Our generation today is all about competition; businesses are competing for excellent ideas and recognition, youngsters are struggling for excellent jobs, kids are competing for higher grades, and the list goes on and on.

You will agree with me that education is surely the only way that can help children survive in this competition.

Thus, by providing your kids the best possible education, you are providing them the most beautiful start in life and making that race easier to win.

Hence, seeing the raising workloads on schools and making the right choice of tuitions, will be a wise decision.

The outcome of your decision will ultimately display in the scorecard of your child.

Student looking at scorecard. (pic)


Before you make any decision, it is important to remember that what works for someone else’s child may not work for yours.

This is because, every child is unique and different in their performance, behavior, learning abilities and grasping power.

Also, no two students can be compared.

Some are very brilliant and others may need extra attention and support.

The environments of tuition center are more conducive for competitive learning and might involve travelling a bit further from home.

Home tuitions on the other hand may offer a more comfortable ground for learning, under the watchful eyes of a parent.

Tuition centres often focuses on rote learning. That translates to students repeatedly working on similar questions in order to memorize and master the implementation of problem-solving techniques.

Home tuition focuses on customize learning specifically design to meet the child’s needs.

Tutors in tuition centre are responsible for many students. And they usually have a rigorous teaching schedule to fulfil.

A home tutor will only be responsible for your child and hence can provide individualized attention.

Cost wise, group tuition provided by tuition centres are often cheaper than that of home tuition.

However, apart from cost, home tuition provides many other benefits otherwise not found in tuition centers.

Bottom Line

It is always better that parent’s take full effort to analyse the talents and weakness of their children before arranging for tuition or a tutor.

Arranging the tuition after analysis according to their talent and need will prove more fruitful rather than going in for cheap tuition just for the sake of money discount.

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