Types of bullying

There are so many types of bullying going on in our society these days, but in this lesson however, our focus will be on four:

The ones that you can mostly find in schools.

  1. Verbal bullying
  2. Social bullying
  3. Physical bullying
  4. Cyber bullying

Verbal bullying

To be bullied verbally means to be hurt with mean words, either by saying or in written.

Verbal bullying includes:



Inappropriate sexual comments


Threatening to cause harm

Social bullying

This is sometimes referred to as relational bullying and involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships.

This type of bullying includes:

Leaving someone out on purpose

Telling other children not to be friends with someone

Spreading rumours about someone

Embarrassing someone in public

Physical bullying

Physical bullying involves hurting a person’s body or possessions.

Physical bullying includes:




Taking or breaking someone’s things

Making mean or rude hand gestures

Cyber bullying

As the name implies, this type of bullying make use of technology like internet, email, cell phones, social media and pictures to hurt or harm someone else.

Cyber bullying Includes:

•             Sending mean text messages

•             Posting statements online that are unkind or not true

•             Sending or posting pictures that are not yours to share

•             Making negative comments online about someone

•             Agreeing with someone who posts something hurtful

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