Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Students


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the most vital component that helps the students in balancing their emotions and the way they respond to difficult situations in life.


At a stage when the kids are bombarded with the pressure to excel in all the major areas of their lives, they often find it difficult to understand how to manage these diverse areas and excel in them.


Emotional intelligence fuels the students to become emotionally more static so that they can achieve success in their social and academic life and bounce back to difficult situations easily.


With the increase in suicide and depression among students, it’s mandatory for every student to have a high degree of emotional quotient because life is beautiful and it can become more beautiful if we learn the right way to live it.


So practice emotional intelligence and unlock the key to happiness.


Here are a few reasons why emotional intelligence is important for each and every student.


Develops the feeling of self awareness


Many times we’re so busy leading our lives that we don’t pause a single moment to sit back and reflect what is going inside us.

Especially the students who handle college activities, face peer pressure, continuously face the burden of the expectation of their parents ultimately stop analysing their own emotions and forget to ask themselves how they are feeling today.

This can be really poisonous as it slowly kills the students deep down and ultimately feelings of anger, hatred and disrespect blooms among them.

It’s, therefore, necessary to identify your feelings and the emotions that are coming in your mind. When you know what you are going through today then only you can take steps to change it for tomorrow.


Helps in building a good relationship


Relationships are the greatest asset and should be preserved and garnered in the best way possible. Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in helping students develop and maintain positive and happy relationships.

They know when to express and when to hold back their feelings so that you can save yourself from the turmoil of loneliness.

This also helps in helping the students express their opinions and views so that they don’t keep grudges with people and whatever differences occur in any relationship they get resorted with time.


Builds the ability to deal with stress


Stress is the biggest venom that kills a person slowly and gradually. Especially in students, it has often been seen that they don’t share their concerns with their parents or friends and ultimately, it hampers them deep down. Emotional intelligence is the key to getting rid of negative feelings and stress from the student’s life. When they have the ability to control their emotions, they know how to deal with every situation of life and cope up with the struggles and failures of their life in a positive way.

Emotional intelligence increases the students coping abilities and removes stress and strain from their lives. Even during the exam, it’s important to practice emotional intelligence because you don’t have control over your emotions some question might seem out of the world, and you’ll see it break down at that moment only.

Emotionally intelligent students on the other hand, in this case, will try to attempt the easier questions first and later when they attempt the difficult question they’ll try to recall when and where they studied about it with peace, and this will give them some knowledge about the topic. So practice emotional intelligence in your daily life and achieve success both in social as well as academic set up.


It facilitates the resilience within the students


Different people deal with a situation differently. You might be a tough shell when difficulty comes, or you might even get torn within the glance of an adverse situation. Have you ever thought what brings the difference in the way two people deal with an adverse situation?

Emotional intelligence plays a breakthrough in restricting a person from losing his control over the situation by making him resilient enough to find a way out of it. Emotional intelligence in the juncture point at which emotion and cognition meet.

It especially helps the students in dealing With a plethora of difficult situations. So in order to lead a happy life and to deal with conflicts in a positive way, students must have high emotional intelligence.



What are the main facets to enhance emotional intelligence?

It’s important for students to build emotional intelligence to succeed both socially and academically. Here are a few ways students can manage their thoughts and emotions in a better way.


Encourage the students to share their opinion

In school, as well as in-home teachers and parents should encourage the kids to initiate activities and express their opinion clearly. Doing so, they build competency and confidence to seek their ideas in front of others, and this uplifts them to respond in a better way.

This is also effective in helping them stay away from the negative feelings of jealousy and hatred. It has been seen that students who don’t express their thoughts and feelings become self-centred, and they’re not able to respond correctly with the events that occur in their life.

This can even lead to the problem of relational aggression, which slowly hampers the child within himself. So it’s always advisable to teach your kids to express and exchange their opinions so that they can achieve better emotional stability in their lives.


Stress on empathy and care


The feeling of empathy is important for a student to build a positive relationship. Frequently challenge your kids to ask questions in their mind before responding to others like” Why your friend suddenly started behaving unusually? Or “Is he facing some difficulty in life that is showing in his action”.

If the students learn to put themselves in the shoes of somebody else, they’ll develop empathy and care, which are the cornerstone of a great relationship and a strong emotional and social learning. Encourage the students to develop a good listening ability so that they can understand the feelings of others.


Impart the feeling of resiliency


According to research, it has been established that students who are academically successful are often more resilient in their life. They bounce back from any situation in a better way and are mindful about their beliefs and opinions.

This gives them a better picture of their personal self and their traits. Also, when students having high resiliency are bullied, they suffer much less in comparison to the students who do not have resiliency inside them.

So by developing the power of resiliency, the students can deal with any situation in life. This, in turn, enhances their emotional intelligence and paves the way for success in their life.


Character education should be incorporated into the curriculum


Values are the foundation for the emotional well being of a student. Character education is a great way to encourage the development of ethical values in the lives of the students. It’s important to teach the students about the importance of moral values and ethics.

Give students the opportunity to inculcate these values in their lives by discussing them in during reading session or history lessons. Nowadays, a special subject has been introduced in the academic curriculum of the students, which focuses on making the students emotionally intelligent by teaching them about these values.

After all, education and learning are only important if it helps the students in being humane in their activities and balanced in their life.


Instill determination and perseverance


One of the most important aspects of emotional and social learning is a key component of self-motivation. It’s vital to help the kids accomplish great heights in their life. Many students need training and encouragement to strive better in themselves.


Always remind the students that they need to practice perseverance in their life to achieve success. And if the students make a strong effort to achieve good grades still falls short of the grades, then praise them and reward them for their hard work.


After all, success might not be the end destination, but by practising it hard one day, you’ll achieve it. If one failure restricts you from trying again to succeed in your life, then you’ll never taste the real joy of success again.


Remember, it’s important to encourage the students to set goals in their life so that they can experience a sense of achievement. This will help in restricting negative thoughts and will encourage the kids to stay determined to succeed.




Final Words


One cannot deny that emotional intelligence plays a major role in maintaining the balance between work and life.


This quality in students is an indicator of both social as well as academic success.


As a matter of fact, multitudes of students in Kota have been practicing emotional intelligence as it helps them secure higher grades.


Taking the current scenario into consideration, the students need to realise that higher emotional intelligence can work wonders for educational pursuits and career development.


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