Ways of Engaging Your Kids on Vacation

Vacation is here again. All round the year your kids are busy with their schools and studies and in the free time, they engage in recreational activities, making you a worry-free parent. 

But then comes holidays and this time of the year your kids are free for the whole time. Well, nothing is more daunting than keeping the kids engaged throughout their holidays.

During a holiday break, children tend to disengage from their school work and the educational routine as a whole. When this occurs, kids can actually lose months of past learning, especially over longer holidays like Christmas. 

Luckily, parents can work with their children to keep their brains active while on vacation, so that the children can avoid this brain drain as they take a break from school.

 It is very important to keep the kids occupied as they say- “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” Here are a few tips for you to keep your kids engaged throughout their vacations:
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Perhaps the easiest way to keep the child’s brain active is to encourage reading. Have the child set aside half an hour to an hour of designated reading time each day. While educational books are best, anything that gets the child to actually read can work wonders with the child’s brain. Read a book at the same time as your child, as this can encourage this behavior in them. Creating a family reading time makes it more likely that each child will go along with this plan.

If the child is a little older, have him or her write a short book report after completing this reading. This furthers the benefits of reading by encouraging reading comprehension. Most children will not like the idea of their parents giving them homework assignments, so make the report fun by allowing them to get creative with it. You can even write a report yourself as making it into a family activity might make it more palatable for your child.
Take Field Trips
Rather than sitting around the house all break, take the family to the museum or science center. Spending an afternoon at one of these locations allows the child to engage with new materials and creates a learning environment. Make the field trip fun so that the child will want to take more of them.

Weather permitting, grab some potable water and spend time outside with your child hiking some local trails. This is a perfect opportunity to teach your child about the outdoors, which can engage his or her brain as well. Places like the local zoo or aquarium also provide learning opportunities that are not found at home.
Turn the Screens Off
Nothing creates more brain drain that sitting at home watching television for the entire holidays. This is a problem because nothing is easier for parents than turning the television or a computer on and allowing it to entertain the children for hours. Although it is unrealistic to expect that your children will not spend any time in front of a screen, you can allot a certain amount of time each day.

Be selective about what your children are watching on the screen when they have access to it. Rather than allowing them to play video games, download educational apps with which they can practice skills. Rather than permitting the child to watch a movie, encourage him or her to watch something educational. At least with this strategy, the child will keep his or her brain active while sitting in front of a screen.

Consider Hiring A Tutor 
If you are concerned about your ability to help your child study, you can hire a tutor. There are many tutors who specialize in different types of exam. You may also ask an older student who has already taken these exams. You can find a tutor by searching a childcare website or by contacting a local tutoring center.

By hiring a home tutor your child is able to prepare in advance for the upcoming academic year. He or she may have gone through the syllabus with the tutor using strategies and techniques that work

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Is your child on vacation? Share with us in the comment space below and let us know how you engage them.
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