What Differentiate A Tutor From A Teacher. Find out..

This is Part One of the five different series article on The Difference Between a Teacher and a Tutor with the goal of improving your child’s performance in school.

In this article series you will learn:

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Have you ever been asked what the difference between teaching and tutoring is? Or what differentiates a tutor from a teacher before?

Most of us come into contact with a teacher only when we are grown up sufficiently to be able` to sit and learn in a classroom environment.

Teachers provide services in schools and they are usually engaged with their specific professional qualifications. Tutors, on the other hand, provide assistance to some individual that hires them for assistance in some subject the student is struggling in.
They are not required by law to have qualifications in the subjects they teach.

It’s also true that many teachers supplement their daytime job with private tuition and so they are both teachers and tutors.
In discussing with parents what they think differentiate a tutor from a teacher this is what quite a few of them had to say:

·      A teacher will teach you the theories, concepts, etc on a subject. A tutor will help you understand the theories, concepts, lessons more deeply and answer any questions you have. A tutor is more 1-on-1.
·     The teacher only works for the academic formation of the student. Meanwhile, the tutor works for the student improvement in different areas, not only academic but social and personal. Also, tutors are able to watch with close up all the learning process of the students, because they usually work on one on one or with small groups.

What do you also have to say?

In order for us to get a clear picture of the differences between this two, let’s look at it step by step.
First though let’s begin with who a teacher is.
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Coming up Next: Who is a Teacher?

In part two of this series, I present you with who a teacher is and the highlight of what makes a good teacher.

You will be surprised to see how we usually come into contact with teachers and excited by what that means for improving your child’s performance.
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