There are several ways that you can find a “home tutor” in Ghana but the question is whether your option will provide you with the perfect choice you want.

Below are few things to consider before choosing a tutor:

  1. Well qualified tutor, according to subject.
  1. How well the teacher can explain certain topic that student can easily understand.
  1. Teachers timings should be punctual and regular which makes proper momentum on student learning.
  1. The tutor’s verification should done, for security.
  1. The concept and padology of teaching should be at best level.
  1. Regular test after each 10 classes makes student more confident, also the positive and negative point can be analysed.
  1. Tutor should also motivate his student in order to build the perfect passionate environment.

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  1. Tutor should be trained for personal tutoring services so they can understand the requirement and do there level best.
  1. In some cases the private tutor are the best mentor for the student, they boost their skills, motivate the student for any challenges and stand behind the student till end of his success.
  1. Private tutoring is very different than the group classes (school, college, etc). So we may have the different choices of tutor for different student.
  1. Tutor should also follow up for any extra classes when student needed in urgent doubts or topics.
  1. Apart from the tutoring, tutor should have good behaviour and manners because students are always learning from their action.
  1. Personalized Worksheet and materials.

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