Main Reason Why You Need Tutoring During School Holidays

Everyone knows that school holidays are, above all, for having fun. 


School Holidays


But have you seen any sign that your child might be falling behind at school?


Tutoring during the school holidays is a great way to solve this problem.


More and more parents are using tutoring services during the holidays and more and more tutors are making themselves available for tutoring as well.


Private tutoring during the holidays is a great way to make the most of academic support and let your child catch up with studies.


With a bit of organisation and enthusiasm, students can improve their grades when they’re not even at school.




Students Are Struggling


Private tutoring can be hugely beneficial for students who’ve been struggling in school.


Their problems compound over the course of the year.


By completely ignoring their studies over the holidays, students risk making these problems even worse!


Don’t get me wrong, classroom education is great. However, it’s not enough.


There are too many students in classroom meaning that it’s harder to give every student the attention they deserve.


Of course, the teachers do a great job of adapting their lessons to their students.


However, it’s very difficult to do this perfectly when there are many of them!




Source of Problem


No two students are alike. They behave differently and learn differently.


Some students just have to hear something and copy it and they get it.


Others learn differently.


However, teachers have the difficult job of deciding when they can stop the class to explain something and when they have to just carry on. 


This is why some students require tailored academic support.


Whether it’s via homework help or intensive private tutoring, some students need to catch up with certain subjects.


Students often struggle with maths.


This problem often arises from a difficulty when it comes to logical reasoning.


With the help of a private tutor, students can learn how to approach difficult maths problems.


Another problem in school is that, sometimes teachers are absent for long periods of time while students are taught by a variety of substitutes.


This can result in hours of class time being lost!


While every teacher is great in their own way, some students don’t respond well to their style.


An academic coach being a tutor can use a different approach, which may make all the difference!


More than one in four parents has the intention of hiring a tutor during the school holidays.




What The School Is Saying


Research from many schools has shown that children have to recap subjects like English and maths when returning to school after the holidays.


A survey conducted for about 1,000 parents, revealed that some were prepared to pay higher amount for a single session with a tutor.


It also found that families with children in private schools were almost three times more likely to hire a tutor more than families with children in public schools.


One in five parents said they believed coaching would help their child to be top of the class when school resumes.


The majority of parents planned some kind of learning activity with their children during the break.


Some of these activities include homework set by the school, reading activities and even doing practice test papers.





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