Why Your Child Needs A Tutor Now More Than Ever

Needs A Tutor? Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted our entire education system.

Needs A Home Tutor

Governments in many countries not long ago announced the closure of all schools. This has impacted millions of students worldwide.


While school closures will help in keeping children healthy and slow the curve of the virus, it also interrupts children’s studies, social interaction, and academic progress leaving families to seek for other alternatives.


As some students are returning back to school, concerns have quickly been given to the health and safety of students in classrooms across the world.


To those who feel concerned, know that educators are working harder than ever to make sure students can continue their education at the highest quality in a safe environment.


The question is how about those still at home? How can we meet the educational needs of these ones?


That is where home tuition comes in.


At Excellent Home Classes, the health and safety of our students and tutors is our top priority.


Overseeing a wide network of tutors, we get to see firsthand how our education consultants and tutors are collaborating with students, families and teachers to provide the best possible education in a safe environment.


Currently Excellent Home Classes has added online tutoring to our services offering families a safer, easier and affordable way of learning.


Online learning can be a great education supplement but only so when it best fits a child’s needs.


Even in the online space, a tutor must still know how to connect with their student, tailoring their programme while continuously providing guidance and valuable learning skills.


We have worked hard to give students the best possible online tutoring experience. Just like our in-person tutoring experience, students are matched directly with a tutor based on their needs, and given a tailored learning plan suited just for them.


No matter the environment, our mission to guide students through their educational journey, helping them succeed in academics, and in life, is and will always be our top priority.


We urge parents all over to talk with our tuition coordinator who will help you find a tutor to meet our specific needs.


Also stay informed by talking with your doctor and check in for updates from the World Health Organization and other reputable sources on what you can do to keep you and your community safe.


In due course, this too will pass.


We are looking forward to the day when the coronavirus is contained by our medical experts and we can once again resume our normal routine without worry.


Until then, our tutoring network is here to help your children continue achieving their academic goals with as little disruption as possible.




For more information or inquiry:

Call/Whatsapp: 0501457284 Email: [email protected] or visits us: www.excellenthomeclasses.com


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