Write for us – Guest Posting

Write for us – Do you have a story to tell the world around you? Something you’ve noticed over the course of your profession as a teacher, in the classroom as a student or a realization you’ve got at home from dealing with your kids or even siblings—If yes, then you’re in the right place.


Write for us – Guest Posting


Here at Excellent Home Classes, we love being able to share the voices and stories from real teachers, students and parents. Our blog is a platform to amplify your voices and share your stories from the school, classroom and home.

We’re always on the lookout for good articles relating to the subject matter of education so feel free and let us hear your story. We also accept news articles, information and updates on new technologies as well.

If you have something that you want to write or submit, or wish to select something to work on from our wish list, we’d like to hear from you. It is best to submit your topic ideas before you get a long way into it – there may be someone else also working on a similar subject area.

As you will have probably gathered this is a volunteer job – so any article submitted must be done for love. Although we will intend give you free publicity on our website, social media and email list.

To get a sense of the type of articles we like to post on our blog, read through some of the most impactful, actionable and forward-thinking blog posts from our recommended resources and tools.


Here: Recommended Tuition Resources and Tools


Follow these guidelines before submitting guest posts:

  1. The post must cover detailed insights, views and information about the topic. Usually, the article should be at least 1500 words long.
  2. Content must be structured well with a proper title, headings, paragraphs and author bio section.
  3. No outbound links unless of course it’s to authority reference material.
  4. No advertising and marketing or plain promotion.
  5. The information must be original, fresh, unique and not published elsewhere.
  6. Articles with grammatical errors and inaccurate information about facts and figures will be rejected.
  7. Relevant audio, video and images get accepted as long as you own the right to the images or they’re copyright-free. Content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud are fine.
  8. You really need to own the content in totality and make sure the content won’t be redistributed to other blogs and websites.
  9. Articles on too many controversial topics are less accepted unless you can provide some strong arguments or thoughts on the topic.
  10. You must submit at least 1 relevant image in a separate file. You can include the image in the article but must send the image as an attachment as well.
  11. The article must be related to education and must be beneficial to the teacher, student or parent.


Here is a guide to writing the sort of articles we like for our blog:

It should be informed and detailed.

Use a conversational chatty style.

Use words like “I” and “you” so your readers can easily relate to the information.

Put some work into your intro – is it intriguing/engaging/different?

Always use distinct examples, perhaps based on personal experience.

Link to recent research or media coverage of the subject matter if appropriate.

Try to look for a subject that has not been written about over and over again – or have something really fresh and surprising to say about an old theme.

The best topics are small and specific as opposed to huge and wide-ranging

Avoid standing up on a soap-box and banging on about something.

Quote people with differing points of view.

Avoid jargon and acronyms.

Read it aloud when you’ve finished. Is that how you talk?

The reader should emerge clear about what you’re saying, what other people have said on the subject, and what they are being asked to comment on.

It is exciting for us from Excellent Home Classes to be finding so much writing talent among the educational community and exposing it to a wider audience, and you could be part of that.


  1. Anything connected with essay writing tips or assignment writing tips.
  2. Anything that appears to be promotional content of any organization or product. However, you can can include the link of your organization or product inside the article in a suitable way.
  3. Anything containing adult content or profanity.
  4. Anything racial or bullying.
  5. Duplicate written content that are copied from other website or already published in other websites (we do not accept posts that are already published in your website too). Article must be unique.



If you’ve never published an article before or are asking yourself whether your idea is a good one for Excellent Home classes audience, check out our resources page here.

As you check, you’ll get a concrete sense of the kinds of positive, constructive, and actionable posts we seek.

Take note of the way these articles are titled, the writing style, formatting type, how conversational they are and the conclusions.

Write your own in a similar way but only make yours even better.



Click here and submit your topic ideas.

Once approved, ensure you send your article within 3 days.

When submitting your article to Excellent Home Classes, please send to [email protected] with the subject line Guest Post Submission: [Title]

Make sure you include a 2-3 sentence bio so that you can be properly credited on our blog!

Feel free to include a link to your blog (if applicable), as well as any related education or teaching expertise.



Q: Will I be a good blog writer?

A: Heck yes! Similar to anything in life, practice is key and remember: we’re here to help!

Q: What the ideal length?

A: We’d like our posts to be 1500-2000 words but if you have more to say, we will work with you to get a great post.


Q: How do I come up with ideas?

A: Most of the time, you’ll already have an idea. If you’re stumped, think about what questions you’re constantly being asked. Sometimes a great blog post is as simple as answering a burning question.


Q: What photos should I choose?

A: We’re happy to choose photos for you but if you do decide to pick your own, they must be Copyright Fair Use photos.


Q: Will you be promoting my blog post?

A: Absolutely! We will share your post with our various networks and, if appropriate, with other outside audiences, interest groups and media. We also encourage you to share your posts with your audiences (on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) – be proud of your work!


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