Ukulele home-study course


Only three 7-minute videos per week? Yes.

You will get better faster, because my videos use the PROVEN principles of Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate Practice is celebrated in Geoff Colvin’s first book, Talent Is Overrated, which earned global acclaim as a NY TIMES & WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER.

The Journal of Research in Music Education concurs, “It’s not how much you practice; it’s how!”


Would you like to play your favorite songs with cool ukulele sounds?

Then my incredibly popular ukulele home-study course is perfect for you. Why?

Because Having Fun Makes
Learning Easier
Because You’ll Learn Your 1st
Song in 1 Week
Because My Video Lessons Are
Quick & Simple
This is the only 100% video-based method that enables you to play your favorite songs by strumming along with three 7-minute videos per week. Sound too good to be true?

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