Who Else Want a Higher Paying Job?

Are you a graduate looking for a job, or a student searching for a part time job? I have a word for you. An experience of reality that can open your eyes and make you smarter as you transcend to this new face of your life.   I used to work as an administrator in a textile printing company -- loving what I did and looking for ways to expand my resume and possibly get promoted and earn a...
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career advice

Top 5 career advice for fresh graduates

The transition from being a fresh graduate to stepping into the professional world can be both exciting and overwhelming. As you embark on your career journey, it is crucial to equip yourself with the right knowledge and guidance to make informed decisions and navigate through the challenges ahead.     In this article, we will explore the top career advice for fresh graduates, providing...
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Singing high notes

Tips For Singing High Notes

Singing high notes is a skill that many aspiring singers strive to master. The ability to effortlessly hit those high notes with power and richness can truly elevate a vocal performance to new heights. However, for beginners, singing high notes can be a daunting task. The higher range of notes may seem unattainable and unreachable. But fear not, with the right techniques and practice, anyone can...
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Vocal Exercises

Vocal Exercises for Singing

There are a number of vocal exercises that you can use to improve the tone and quality of your voice. Some of these exercises can even help you develop a much broader vocal range. Here are a few classics to get you started:   Warm-Ups Your vocal chords need to be warmed up before you sing. Warming up helps protect your pipes from injury, and it also helps you sing a lot better. To start,...
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auditory learner

Is Your Child An Auditory Learner?

Your child is considered an auditory learner if she gathers information with her ears. These kinds of learners tend to understand material better when they hear it presented out loud. Auditory learners are highly verbal — they love having conversations — and may also have musical aptitude. Auditory learners are drawn to sound. They may be especially musical and show an aptitude for playing...
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learn to sing

Learn To Sing: Tips For Beginners

Do you want to learn to sing? Have you always wanted to become a singer? Many people dream of singing, but few take the steps required to learn. Here are some quick tips that will teach you how to learn singing, on your own or with assistance: Before You Begin Before you begin, listen to a lot of different songs in many genres. This will help you settle on a style that best suits your voice and...
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Who is a stakeholder in education?

A stakeholder in education is someone who is directly or indirectly affected by the decisions made by the educational institution.   Students, parents, instructors, policymakers, and the business sector are all stakeholders in education. Each of these organizations has a strong interest in ensuring that our educational system is efficient and satisfies the needs of all concerned.   In...
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13 Popular Education Websites You Must Know

The emergence of new technologies in education, self-learning, and artificial intelligence has resulted in the development of websites that not only focus on giving educational help but also guide students. One of these changes has been the paradigm shift from paper-based education to online learning. There are several websites, YouTube channels, and smartphone applications that quickly bridge...
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Motivational Quote

List of 100 Motivational Quote On Education

Why a motivational quote? Students and teachers are frequently distracted by a lot of activities that make them lose focus. Students especially require motivation to study, and it is perfectly normal to feel lethargic and uninterested. The goal is to glance around, be inspired, push off sloth, and get back on track.   What you must realize is that everyone lacks motivation. Don't punish...
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summer job

A Complete Guide to Finding Summer Job as a Student

As a high school or college student, working over the summer can be a terrific opportunity to make money, develop skills that will help you in other areas, and add desirable experience to your student portfolio. The tips below can help the job-hunting process go a little more smoothly, whether you're applying for your first summer job or your seventh.   Read Also: Don’t make these 5...
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